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Hello world!

Hi, hello, howdy, kiaora 2 everyone out there.ย 

This is my first time writing in a blog which I can share lots of things with everyone. I’m from Malaysia but currently I’m in New Zealand doing posgrad studies. I hope I can share my life experience here, New Zealand, a wonderful country. As I choose NZ to be the place for my posgrad studies, I will explore New Zealand as much as I can, as far as I can, as adventure as I can, just the same as I explored Borneo while I was studying in Sabah (very fantastic place!!). To fulfill my dreams of climbing mount Kinabalu, rafting Padas, snorkling Sipadan, Kinabatangan jungle trekking, exploring Gua Niah cave, I’d chosen Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) to be my perfect place to study for my bachelor. well..i think..mostly, people will choose their place to study base on the quality or performance of the university. anyway… as for me, instead of courses/ programmes available, I would consider the surrounding area (amazing place to explore!) to be my good reason to choose that particular university. wohoo…n now, Massey University is just the right place for me.. I hope so! yeah..

I love nature. I love outdoor activities. I love sport. I love peace. and..New Zealand has many amazing and beautiful nature scenery and a very calm and peaceful country. dont forget, New Zealand is a paradise for those who crazy for outdoor activities~ yeah… kewl~ ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems like NZ is the place that belong to my heart. (dont worry, Malaysia is still no1 in my heart) hehehehe.

Okay.. see u guys later and wait for my next entry. you’ll be surprise! yeyeahhhh. kewl



  1. jente ;p

    Alaaa gue suke banget gambar loh niii….!!
    Haish, vain~ (jeles2 ;p)

  2. ima

    hehehhe..hola huserk!! que tal? jelesla ngan hang.. i have another 3 years tofinish my bachelor.. soon will be ur junior there..hehehe Nawar kat NZ juga..good luck!!

  3. wanibest

    wallah,,userk dah ada blog!!cayalah..

  4. Fuad

    Husna…dah gi New Zealand….nak jadi lecturer gak ke??? Anyway kem salam kat kak Sabrina kalo jumpa die kat saa…..old friends from the land of Tronoh

  5. waaaa…syoknya… i was so excited as if i’m the one who went there… so happy for u… keep on writing ok bebeh ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. ajwad budak ensem

    tu…kalau bleh nak tunjuk muka dia…hihi…syok dak kat sana..kirim salam kat dunia sana tau…wassalamualaikum

  7. The korean

    cakapbanyak~~ haha ๐Ÿ™‚ wel com to NZ ๐Ÿ™‚

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