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hi, i’m back. I would like to share my experience during my arrival at New Zealand. orait…. I arrived NZ on 4th July, 2008 at 1045am. my flight took about 10-11 hours to reach NZ from KLIA. During the landing time, I can see beautiful ocean and the green land. there are many farms and of course lots of sheep and cow. 4 ur information, the truth fact is, there are 10 sheep per person in NZ. can u imagine? NZ has lots of sheep than human. haha.. menarek kan. jenny @ jente (jgn mare) or normazaini pick me up at the airport. We went back to her house by bus ($15 one way trip) at the auckland city. the weather at that time was very cold. well..i have to learn 2 adapt to winter environment.. that night, we played basketball 2gether with adibah, jenny’s roomate. she’s very nice girl.

on the next day, we went to Devonport island. At that island, many people who came from UK and NZ stay there for their retirement life. The island has 2 big beautiful green hills. usually visitor will climb both hills to see the fantastic view. unfortunately, it was rain quite heavy with the damn cold wind at that time, so I cant climb both hill but just walk around the beach and the Devonport’s town.



  1. jente

    kak userk sejuk!! die jadi org eskimo sekejap ehe….tp dtg auckland pasnih mest blagak nyer. boleh jalan pagi2 pkai pyjama dah haa ;p

  2. Bornwell

    You are so ingeneous, keep it up lady. I adore you and admire the works of your hands and brain. Cheers

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