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Mission Bay, Auckland

Hoowiee.. I went to Mission Bay, 1 of the famous beaches in Auckland. Jenny n her friends brought me there because they wanted 2 eat ice-cream! hehe 😛 . Well, it’s kinda hard to get ‘halal’ ice cream shop in auckland. i guess so.. well..all of us ate ice cream, double scoop for sure! yeapp, the ice cream was delicious..yummy wommy..i’m lovin it. yeah.. not just ice cream but beautiful scenery of Mission Bay made us appeared to be ‘as happy as a sand-boy’. well.. for those who live in auckland, and never been to Mission Bay yet.. i strongly suggest you to go out and indulge yourself with delicious ice cream at the amazing scenery of Mission Bay. I bet u will just love the environment there. here are the photos of the beach. enjoy! oupss.. by the way, thanks to Jenny for bringing me around the Auckland and not forget to all her friends too. TQ~

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