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SKI ~ f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c!

we prayed here, behind this rock.

On my 2nd day at Palmerston North, NZ, I went skiing at Mt Ruapehu. Actually, I was supposed to attend my 1st day orientation at Massey University. well.. Mt Ruapehu already catch my heart, plus Kak Ila n Abg Ziad (our ‘penghulu’ for Msian student here)keep on assuaged me to join them for the trip. at last, I decided to go with them. well.. i think i should grab this ‘golden’ opportunity and never regret it! haha

there are 3 families that joined this trip which were abg ziad+kakila, abg zabidi+kak syam, abg izad+kaklinda and their childrens and also my housemate (kakJu, Salfi) and me. We departed from Palmerston North early in the morning. I was freezing, it was really2 cold outside, even in the car. huhh.. we stopped for branch (bfas n lunch) at Napier, which I dont know where (because i was sleeping,hehehe). the scenery was very beautiful. we can see the whole mountain from far far away.

we arrived at Mt Ruapehu at noon and prayed jama’, we even took our wudhu’ with snow..huhuu.. sejuknyaaaa…hehehehe. then we went up to the hill. the first thing we did were.. playing snow, threw snow ball among us and sliding~ we really enjoyed ourself. Kakju, salfi and I went for ski! we rent boots, skis and poles and went up to the mountain by cable car. you can go to to get the details informations. the scenery was superb! amazing! ‘totemo sugoi desu!’ it’s still hard for me to believe that i had already ski at the tremendously beautiful mountain! syukur alhamdulillah~ however, ski is quite scary if we didnt know any basic yet. i fell down many times and screamed most of all time. hahaha.. very funny 😛

here we go!

none of us know how to ski because this is our 1st time! and know nothing at all (z.e.r.o). we should go for basic lesson first, at least could learn how to control and break. hwever, we manage to ‘gemble’ and just try by ourself. by the end..all of us felt scary, afraid if we might fell fown to the hill and crush others as i had crushed lots of people at the cable terminal b4.wahahahah.. well.. sweet memory to remain. yeahh.. anyway really2 thanks to kak ila n abg ziad and also to abg zabidi n kak syam, abg izad n kaklinda.



  1. miss bluryna

    babe.. cool giler… bet u had a blast there… keep writing yah!

  2. hoih….pi orientasi oiiii!!! kak ina bg link blog husna. kagum tang amik wudhu ngan snow. heheh… cik kata apa?

  3. Mimie Affizie

    Salam husna,
    seronok nye tgk husna hepi…teruskan melapor ye…sy tumpang gembira…hepi always…

  4. Iz

    dengki2.. hv fun! 🙂

  5. waaa…bestnya…. i was so excited reading ur blog as if i’m the one who went there…well..happy for u too…keep on writing ur activities k… 😉

  6. wahhhh..
    sudah ade blog.
    keep it up.
    nnt aku linkkn ko ok =)

    njoy ur stay kt nz!

  7. wahh bukan main lagik berjalan ek;)

  8. huhu……..syoknya dapat naik ski ..takpa.nanti ajwad pi naik ski kat sana jugak…byebye

  9. kak linda

    husna dah terer main ski??? Fuyoo….. ;). Njoy urself!

  10. chik yang tak jeles pun

    hahaha sempat lagi tuh kak tanya cik jeles ke tak. jeles2 zaman budak2.. cik relekkkksss jaaaa. hahahahah. nanti sampailah aku kat sana tunjukk skill skiii!!! Nanti husna yang jelesss!!

  11. ammat

    Waa….jln sakan hg no…..Orientasi pun escape.Hbt2.Chaiyalaaa…….

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