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Haiyoo… sori lama tak update.

I’m very mery busy with my assignments.. aduhhh..capek donk..

okay, as i’d promise b4~ my trip to Napier;

I went to Napier on 3hd August 2008, just to enjoy myself. We departed around 830am and arrived Napier around 1030am. The scenery along the journey was very beautiful. We passed the Manatawu river, hills, farms.. the greenery of NZ can make everyone feel fresh! 



We went to the beach. The sand is not white as in malaysia, but black.

I played with Selfy at the beach, we were chasing the waves and running everywhere.. hahaa..tadak keja

Beautiful beach with beautiful girls..wahahahhaa 😛











Then, we went to the national aquarium, just beside the beach. Our aquarium tour were tailored by a guide. The guide was superb. she knows everything bout marine culture! i learn a lot from the tour. There was a big turtle in a small aquarium. I’m very sad and quite disappointed with that, they shouldnt put the turtle in a small aquarium, but should place that lovely turtle in the big underwater aquarium. anyway,that turtle had remind me of Sipadan. I saw lots2 of turtle freely swimming in the beautiful ocean when i was snorkling overthere. I love Sabah..hahaha. Then, kakju n me prayed behind the van at the carpark. hehe, well.. sambil bergembira sambil bersyukur.. alhamdulillah 🙂 Kakju, KakSha, Selfy, Aisya, n me.. we just ate biscuits and keropok and lasagnia..the others went to KFC, McD, other fastfood restaurants..ho ho ho


Next~ we went to the dolphin and lionsea show! fantastic show. A bit funny also. the dolphin showed off! the lion sea clapped at us by using its’ tail. they even yelled at us to say hello..i guess..hehe

We can also take pic with the penguin, a very small n cute penguin.


After the show, we went up to the hill to see the whole napier.

Wowww.. gorgeous view! have a look (dont laugh) :


It was a wonderful trip. New Zealand is very beautiful country. so.. where’s next??? hehehe dunno yet

thanks 4 reading.


  1. Hariri Daud

    SALAM ZIARAH. How are u miss Husna ? Wow, it was wonderful experinces. Jelesnye……but i’m very proud of u. Good luck my frez.

    Hariri Daud

  2. comelll mcm tuan dia tu mesti kembang..ariffah tau kakna dok buat apa..tengah baca apa yg ariffah tulis ni betul dak

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