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Salam Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum muslimin muslimah..

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Semoga kita dpat memanfaat sepenuhnya bulan ramadhan agar  dipenuh dengan amal ibadat dan ilmu, dan seterusnya dapat istiqamah ke bulan2 seterusnya.. amin. Sama2 kita mohon rahmat dan berkat dari Allahdan berdoa memohon agar akhlak kita terpelihara, iman yang lemah dapat dikuatkan, amalan yang kurang dpat dipertambahkan dan dosa yang lalu dihapus dan ditinggalkan selamanya. Sesungguhnya kita ini adalah insan yang lemah lagi hina.. sama2 kita berusaha ke arah kebaikan, mahupun di dunia dan di akhirat. amin… 

It is still winter in New Zealand, but are changing to spring around next week. I hope So, well… new Ramadhan with new season~spring. nice ae’ 🙂

Okeh, i’m still working with my another assignmentS and also preparing for a presentation for next week. I’m quite nervous because this is my first time to do presentation in front of the native people. oh no.. my english is still bad. how can i perform?? anyway, just try my best. that’s y i’m writing journal in my blog. becoz i wanna improve my english, esp in writing. just see my writing here, full of grammar mistakes ight?

i’m here, in massey university, are always struggling with my works and very busy with my own life (my life with my assignments). You know what?? I’ve been in palmerston north (massey university) for about 2 months already but havent go out, hanging around in the palmerston north city yet!bak kata melayu, tak melepak kat city lagi. I just go to pak n save to buy food only. so pity ight? heheh and some of my friends even ask me to go out and take a short break. yeahh i did~ but not to the town, the palmy.. hehe but ill use my free time or release tension by doing sport! bcoz i love sport. sometime i play basketball, badminton or swimming! and the most important thing is, jog! i’ll jog around massey university during my ‘little’ free time, usually in the morning. smtimes, in the evening after class…ALONE~ it’s ok, i love of what i’m doing now. that’s how i spend my free time. instead of going window shopping or jalan2 di town, i prefer to spend my precious time by doing sport. yeahh it makes me feel fresh n energetic. and makes me happy. syukur 🙂


pic below~ malaysian in massey university. they r kewl~


  1. ayah

    never underestimate yourself. you surely can do it. just go and present your stuff. be yourself. you’ll be amazed by your own ability. take care. missing you.

  2. ayah

    never underestimate yourself. just go out there and present your stuff. you wrote it, you read a lot about it, so don’t be afraid, you can do it. be yourself. always smile. you’ll be amazed by your own abilities. best of luck. take care. missing you alot.

  3. Hariri Daud

    Happy Ramadhan El-Karim. Kullun Am’min Wa Antum Bikhair. Ramadhan di perantauan, nati bolehla hntr Salam Perantauan dalam Akhbar 🙂

  4. ajwad

    syok dak puasa kat sana?…………..sahur makan apa??..selamat berpuasa

  5. lissa

    salam..kak husna, sepanjang lissa mengenali kak husna, lissa tau yang kak husna ni serba boleh bah…mesti boleh present dengan baik punya…all the best..u can do it better…miss u a lot

  6. aftab ahmad chaudhry

    is there going to be eid prayers in palmy?

    • huserk

      yes, insyaAllah there will be eid prayers every year, the mosque is at the cook street. you can visit FIANZ website to know the details of islamic info and issue in NZ.

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