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Nicol David superb

Nicol David kewl

I still remember…the moment when I 1st time met Nicol David at the airport. that’s my lucky day! you know what..I was shaking… hahahaha..i dont care if there’s popular artist or singer. but it was Nicol David.. huhh..

She’s amazing.. go go go no1 in the world~


  1. hey there!

    glad to hear that you met our dear Datuk Nicol!

    all the best!

    Editor WMSiew,

  2. OMG. I didn’t realize that this is Huserk’s blog.

    really the huserk that i know?? LOL.


  3. Hariri Daud


    i’m also respect her coz of her spirit. A successful man will profit from his mistake n try again in a different way.

    ambik biotech jgk ke master?

  4. Salam,

    Yea go Nicol! hehehe

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