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Life in Massey University

I’m back~

Nothing much to say because i didnt go anywhere lately, just stay in this beautiful masey university. Well…last Sunday I went for jogging at noon..hehe yep, noon. around 12+ noon. well, i felt bored staying in my room just doing my assignment. So, I just made a last minute decision to go for a jog. Anyway, I dont really know that Massey Univ is very beautiful. I went to a park in Massey and found that there is a river in the massey univ! the river even has streams. although it is a small river, but the water is quite deep, i guess so. So, yep, Massey univ has a river in a beautiful park. I didnt feel like jog in a university, but in a green and peaceful small jungle. seriously, maybe someday i’ll take photo over there. Anyway, i like to jog here, in Massey univ. I think, it’s about a week i havent gone jogging or playing any sport. Usually I’ll jog around Massey main street in the evening. So, i felt very fresh after went jogging. Oh yeah, i had set time and distances by using the watch and pedometer. I ran non-stop for about 4.8 km in 25minutes. and i’d burned 164 calories. this is what my calories counter in my watch said. heheheh (see pic below): my calories counter watch and pedometer (in km).

On the next day, when i just finished my class and was walking toward the Kairanga Court (my hostel), I saw a chinese girl holding basketball’s ball. Wahh a girl wanna play basketball? Well, usually boys will conquer the court there. so I went back and changed my cloths and quickly went to the recreation centre, hoping that the girl will still playing basketball. Yeapp..lucky day. that chinese girl with another boy were still playing basketball…the good thing was, I knew that boy, he is Kunsik, one of my Korean friend. So I played basketball with him. but just for a while (maybe bout 20mins), because he wanna join the aerobic there at 525pm. Then, i played squash alone and pretend to be Nicol David in the court. hahahha perasan la pulak..

Anyway, here is a photo taken from my room. Can u see the hill? yeahh Massey Univ is surrounding by green hills. very beautiful. i like the scenery and environment here. thanks God.


  1. Hariri Daud

    i suggest u taking ur pic before and after went jogging šŸ™‚ it’s the real proof. hehe

  2. huserk

    hehe hariri..nak ambil gambar sniri b4 and after ka? hehehehe klaka

  3. wm

    Nicol in NZ… =P

  4. liza

    rajinnye gi jogging. mesti ko jenis dont mind others. aku kalo jalan2 tepi pantai tu (tempat org jogging/cycling) pon dah rasa awkward, orang pandang2. ye la, kat pantai tu tau je la cane kan.

  5. huserk

    tak kisah la liza, biarlah derank nak pandang atau kata apa.ini dunia aku suka aku la.hehe tapi most of them tak kisah la pun~

  6. nabilah

    wah bagusnya adikku ini sgt rajin menjoggingkan diri. kak ada heart rate monitor with pedometer, got that from buying samsung adidas hp. cool. its like a personal trainer with that hp. masa beli ingat nak jadi pelari handalan ler, tapi kakakmu ni sgt tak reti jogging2. wanna change hp? baik bg kat org yg akan pakai. check out link about the hp and the coaching linked with adidas.

  7. huserk

    yaaaayy kak nak bagi heart rate monitor with hp tuu…yayayyyyy!!!
    nak train lari manthapppp2 lah lepas ni~ wuahaha. thanks sgt2 kakk..bestnya

  8. ckg g'mah

    wahhh… u’re a truly basketball girl… grab the opportunity whenever you can.. i’m impressed.. u go girl… šŸ˜‰

  9. Selamat Hari Raya huserk…Maaf Zahir & Batin:)

  10. Hariri Daud

    Nice comment bout food supplements at Dr Shukri web blog. Good idea n good job. Future Nutritionist šŸ™‚ Amin

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