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Monthly Archives: October, 2008

Adidas micoach is amazing!

As I promised before, I’m gonna explain about micoach in detail~ Firstly, I would like to thank to my sister, KAK.. terima kasih kak.. She bought this micoach in UK and plan to use it as her coach. When she realized that i’m really into running.. and i was using simple and unaccurate pedometer, so …

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BLOG action day ~ Poverty

get involve~ be activated~ blog action day People out there, dont care who u are, where u from, whether u r president or not, dont think bout urself only bcoz… There’re people suffering their life to lives..and we??? can the world changes? no.. but we can change the world~ i like the lyric, a song …

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summer is coming

Salam, I’m now struggling for my final exam (28 oct-17 nov). Then, i’ll continue my summer school. ohhooo.. i wish i can go to Sabah and relax at Sipadan Island. hoohooo.. gimme a break la Massey..huhh penat penat Anyway, I’ll only enroll 2 papers for this summer, and hope will not be very busy as …

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