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summer is coming


I’m now struggling for my final exam (28 oct-17 nov). Then, i’ll continue my summer school. ohhooo.. i wish i can go to Sabah and relax at Sipadan Island. hoohooo.. gimme a break la Massey..huhh penat penat

Anyway, I’ll only enroll 2 papers for this summer, and hope will not be very busy as this 2nd semester. sooo… i have several plans 2 do during this summer semester and havent decided them yet.

The plans are…

1) Quite boring, but convenient –  stay in Rotary court, Massey University, jog around Massey, go to the library/lab.

2) Pretty fun – flatting outside with a kiwi lady (near esplanate park n lido swimming pool). So, I can swim and jog or cycling almost everyday! Maybe I’ll work in town as well

3) Whether I’ll stay in campus or flatting outside = I plan to go to South Island with my friends (Kiwi and Papua New Guinea), camping in a jungle, travel around Christchurch in South Island. Sounds great ae’.

4) Flatting outside. Then, In December/ January, stay in a farm (farmstay) and work there.

5) What else???

Any idea my friends?

by the way, I wanna start jogging actively~ bcause I already have miCoach. Thanks so much to kak for the superb micoach. jump 2 this link ; micoach to know more bout micoach.

I’ll post the photos of my miCoach later.

chaosss… study study


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  1. Option 1 certainly not recommended. Summer mesti kena pergi jln2 + kerja part time pun okay

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