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Adidas micoach is amazing!

As I promised before, I’m gonna explain about micoach in detail~

Firstly, I would like to thank to my sister, KAK.. terima kasih kak.. She bought this micoach in UK and plan to use it as her coach. When she realized that i’m really into running.. and i was using simple and unaccurate pedometer, so she gave me this marvelous micoach. thanks so much KAK!!!

micoach~ awesome

micoach~ awesome

micoach is a personal trainer for those who want to become fit, lose weight and get active.

Adidas micoach is better than Nike + with ipod nano. ha ha ha. pls dont mad at me for those who are using the Nike plus with ipod Nano. Well…Adidas micoach (Adidas + Samsung) is now competing with the Nike plus with Ipod (Nike + Apple). Micoach comes with the whole package, micoach Samsung phone (pedometer, music mp3, camera ), the gear – stride sensor and heart rate monitor, and together wif an armband.

phone, heart rate monitor, stride sensor

whole package : phone, heart rate monitor, stride sens

kewl ae'

At first, we have to do the assessment run for about 1.6km and then they will categorize you to the level that suits u. You can make your own goal or special personal training program and then just start running.

micoach really inspire u to run more and coach us how to run. It really cool~ the handphone itself is smart and awesome. It has many functions, we can take photos before and after we run, track the distance and check how many calories that have we burn while running. And of course, listening to our favourite music.

See micoach to know more…. it is superp coach for runner!! Oh yeah.. we can track our progress after run – heart rate, distance, pace, and many more~ Wanna know more? Go and Get it and be ACTIVATE! 🙂

I’m a promoter or what? haha

I will keep on reporting my progression in running time by time. So far I have used it several time only, as I’m quite busy lately. well.. the final exam is just around the corner. Anyway, I will still go out and RUN. I love to run, and it is just nice to run in NZ, esp around Massey University. Usually I’ll run around the whole Massey Univ, then I’ll continue running to the farms behind Massey. The scenery here is very greeny and wonderful. It make me more energetic to run 🙂 Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

This is the Adidas micoach phone.. thin, black, smart = elegant 😛  (can u see adidas and samsung logo? As I said, samsung and Adidas are cooperating their business for this product.)



  1. Bornwell

    Seems u are working yourself for the better, that is good. Can you lend yourcoach to me one day? hahhaahaha. Keep on keeping fit, thats what is keeping me younger every birthday that comes by.

  2. huserk

    thanks bornwell.. yes u can!!!! just tell me when u wanna jog~
    happy studying!!

  3. nabilah

    haaa kak bg sbb initial assessment run pun kak tak larat nak habiskan
    ok husna pulun!!!! bg nama seharum si nicol 😀
    good luck exam jugak

  4. huserk

    hehe…tau..saja tamau mention buat announcement kat blog.. nanti tak glemer la kak smua org tau pasai tu..hahahha. ok.. anyway thanks

  5. I don’t think even a MiCoach would be able to motivate me to lose weight.. 😦

    ….Getting fat eating burgers like Azuan over here! =P

    Btw, I noticed that you have an interesting way of adding captions to your photos.. how did you do that?? Is it an in-built wordpress tool or did you have to add some html?

  6. huserk

    hey wmsiew..thanks 4 da visit! yeahh..Azuan is enjoying eating all type of burger 🙂 fast food really make u fat… heheheh avoid it. haha…
    caption? just add it when u upload photos…it is wordpress tool.

  7. haha.. ok, thanks!

    are you studying medicine over there?

  8. huserk

    noo..not medicine..i’m studying human nutrition..
    heee.. eat healthy food be active always happy 🙂
    sounds good ae.. haha…
    i wish to become sport nutritionist for nicol david..haha..but a bit late..I guess..

  9. haha.. nicol has many years ahead of her! ‘m sure that it would do our local sportsmen good to have a nutritionist =)

    no wonder so health conscious laaaaaa…

  10. This is one cool tool. I always have issues when i jog, i find that car keys, mobile phone, mp3 player, wallet are too heavy for my pockets.

    I ended up carrying my driving licence only, mobile phone with headphones for my music and car keys, still i find it annoying.

    Maybe i need a puch or something. But what i need the most right now to exercise is motivation 😛 hehehe

  11. I have tagged you:- share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

  12. Iz

    hehe.. budak ni.. mmg ahli sukan sejati.. hehe..

  13. Jujur aku bertanya – MICOACH tu hape? Hahaha.. jahil benar aku ini..
    Weh.. semalam aku pi makan char kuetiau.. dengan meown.. sedap..

  14. Hey there, didn’t know about this device until I stumbled onto this blog from Running Mom’s blog. It looks cool but may I know how do you carry it with you while running? Coz for me I prefer to run empty-handed and carry as little stuff as possible. Btw nice blog you have here. Happy running! 😛

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