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me, myself and I

Makcu had tagged me :

‘share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog’

uhuu… apa ek nak cerita.. hehe.. okay.. let start with…

1) FOOD.. I like to eat cheesecake. i can eat a whole cheesecake by myself..haha.. the good thing is, my sister, yasmin is a profesional cheff..esp in pastry..she can make me a cheesecake whenever i want..haha.. thanks Yasmin for birhday cheesecake! other than that, i like to eat laksa.. and laksa Maklang is my fevret laksa..haha..all my close friends know who maklang is because of my favourite laksa! come to titihayun air tejun and taste her laksa..yummy!

2) SPORT.. I cannot live without makes me feel fresh and energetic! i love to play basketball, my mostest fav sport. i cant live without playing basketball..and now..i’m also into running.. i always run and run and run..and alsooo swimming..i just love swim. ill play basketball to release tension,  run can make me happy and to feel calm, ill go swimming.

3) FAMILY.. i come from a big family, i have 10 siblings, 2 older brother, 2 older sister, 5 younger bro and sister. im no 5. I have a lovely sister in law, kak suzen and 2 cute n happy nieces, ameera n aysha. last week we just got two new members in our family, kak intan n abg syamsul. welcome to our family!!! we are a happy family, alhamdulillah. thanks ayah and mak!!

4) NAUGHTY.. i am quite naughty when i was a little child. i always made a prank call by calling ambulance or police. I even acted like there was thieve in my house when i called them ‘tolong..tolong.. ada pencuri masuk rumah..pomm pomm..erkk (konon kena tembak)’ hahaha funny ae.. sometimes i even acted like im an artist and sang on the phone.. ‘hello..i ni cousin ziana zain tau!!! u jangan tak layan i pulak! ‘Sekebun cinta nan berbunga, Teguh berdiri nan berduri, Aku yang asli di dalam mekar, Bila terbit mentari.. Menguntumlah…’ haha..then the operator got mad at me ‘ye adekk!! nak ape??’.. haha terus letak laa

5) OUTDOOR.. i love outdoor activities. My preferences when travelling is to see nature scenery and do lots of outdoor activities. yeahh..thats why i have chosen New Zealand as my place to study nutrition and UMS, sabah for my undergrad study. I climbed Mount Kinabalu twice, white water rafting at Padas river thrice, and Kiulu river twice, jungle trekking in Kinabatangan river, snorkling in Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai island twice, and lots lots other outdoor activities that i did in Sabah!!! I had travelled almost the whole Sabah within 1-2 weeks with makcu, pakcu, amin, along, munie.. they were superb buddy to travel with! thanks!!

6) this is a bit weird..haha.. i always fart.. dont tell anybody okay..haha im telling the whole world now. When I was 9 years old, i used to farted loudly (because cannot hold it anymore) in a ngaji quran class…suddenly…pupp pupp puppp pup pupp pupp.. everyone got quiet and all stared at me..and then all of them burst out and laugh loudly… 1 of my fren even thought it was a machine gun! hahaha.. soo ashame!

7) SLEEP…sleep is my game. I always fight myself to make me awake because I easily fell asleep..even when i am driving! I used to hit a small tree when i was driving in Sabah..goshh.. glad it is only a small tree!! anyway, i still have to send my car to the workshop nearby, and it charged me for about RM800!! bad.. I miss that cute kancil, SAA6044D! well everyone… DONT SLEEP N DRIVE! haha

Okay Makcu, ive done my it is my friend’s turn. ahaaa..there u go…

1) the professional cheff that can indulge everyone with food,  yasmin.

2) she claimed herself as a professional procrastinator, kak.

3) my financial consultant, faiz hamsidi.

4) my brilliant n genius friend, siti hajar, ajat

5) he has soothing voice~ jojoe

6) a lovely teacher and lovely friend, mimie

7) a medical doctor now, Dr Ameer (komet)

just wanna add another 1..hahaha…

8) cik noha kite, dia yg kasi tajuk lagu zianazain, tau nyanyi xtau tajuk.ahaks

hee…hee..silalah menyempurnakan tugasmu yaa~ peace

in front of Kairanga Court, Massey university, pergi beraya.

in front of Kairanga Court, Massey university, pergi beraya.


  1. yg memberi tajuk lagu ziana zain td.:p

    ha3.lawak lh Kak Husna lh nk p report kt polis yg akak slalu buat prank call dulu.:p

    and yg last psl sleep tu pn sm mcm sy plg suka tido..sbb tu sanggup pilih tdo dr mkn.:D

  2. Iz

    aaaaaaaa.. aku tgh busy seminggu ni.. tapi da tak sabar2 nk buat jugak.. sabo2.. haha.. nyway thanks! will let u know once i done..

  3. huserk

    noha…wahh suka tido?? saya suka makan dari tido..hahaha
    faiz..hehe rilex2..biar setel dlu hehehe pehtu baru buat..hehe mnarewk ni

  4. haha bab kentut tuh bukanka sampai harini ka? cuma la dah pandai kaverr baikkk punyaaaa.

    suka tidoq dan suka bersukan. nasib baik balance balik husna oi. cik baru smlm masuk opis!

  5. huserk

    cik…husna bukan kaki tidoq… cuma senang lenaa…senang tidoq..
    tapi tak suka pu tidoq byk2…rasa buang masa cemtu ja..beik p mein apa2 ka lagi best..

  6. Iz

    okayy.. sudah siap! hehe..

  7. shidaJPD

    huhu.. tang buang angin tuhh yg xmnahan tuhh… geli abdomen membacanyerr.. hehe

  8. Kak Nisak UPM

    Peh lama x dengar cite. Enjoy alhamdulillah awak kat sana…
    Boleh add akak kat facebook/friendster guna add email ni
    How’s study?


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