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Runner-holic, am I? inspiring micoach :)

Salam n Hello everyone~

I just moved out from Kairanga to Rotary court yesterday afternoon. During this summer break, all students have been allocated to Rotary or Fergusson court in Massey University. I love summer! the weather is just great. Sunny day really make my day and motivate me to run more. I run almost everyday, even at night if im very busy during the day. yeahh i think im now a runner-holic..haha am I? am I addicted to run?? yeahh i think soo.. am I a runner?? noo.. maybe not yet..this is just the beginning. i need to be more fit to run farther and faster and also run frequently. It is quite hard to increase pace because I already used to maintain quite a slow pace when running. therefore, i want to increase my fitness level..and the best thing is, i have a coach.. micoach. My longest run so far was 6.6km non stop. Here is the stats from micoach :

my longest run 'so far'

my longest run

Haha.. everytime i finish running, i cant wait to track my progress from micoach website. This is the view of my pace according to my running time (photo above). I also can view my heart rate progress and my stride rate progess statistic. well.. 1 by 1.. i’ll show my heart rate progress when I satisfied with my heart rate level. Just be patient. I will train myself more to be more fit. On that day, i ran 6.6km for about 41minutes. My pace was 6.14 minutes per kilometer and 164 steps per minute.

My taRget is to achieve my maxmimum heart rate level which is 202 or at least 190. My highest heart rate so far is 186…long way to go. At the moment, I have to increase my pace and also run farther. My target is to run 10km non-stop. I hope I can run farther and faster. Well… what r u waitin for Huserk…. keep training yourself! haha. I have to be motivated to run.. sometimes i just get bored seeing the same scenery around Massey. Massey university is quite small so that I have to run 2 round of Massey University if i wanna run farther. Sometimes I run around the farms behind Massey University. And sometimes I run outside Massey Uni go towards the Palmerston North town. I hope I can run along the river at the palmerston north park. Well.. that’s quite far but the environment is very good and also beautiful. Well.. I have to train more.. run more.. day by day.. RUNNER-HOLIC. ha ha.. am I??

oh yeah, I got a message from micoach ‘You have run 50 kilometres! Your dedication and hard work is really paying off. You’ve run up a total of 50 kilometers since you’ve started working out with miCoach. Congratulations and keep up the good work!’ Tuesday, Nov 18. ha ha.. they really motivate me to run more.

By the way, to know your heart rate level, follow this simple formula :

WOMEN: 226-your age = age-adjusted Max HR
MEN: 220-your age = age-adjusted Max HR

okay..see u guys in da next entry! Daaa~


  1. uiks gile la da jadi runner-holic..bestnye misti badan rasa fit n fresh kan..
    i am too lazy to run or exercise or whuteva..but alwez have a dream to b an active person in sport hahhahah..

  2. Kak Suzen

    I beat you if you can run from NZ straight to Malaysia non-stop… what the micoach will tell you??? hahahaha. When r u coming home? Your nieces miss you a lot.

  3. Kak Suzen

    Sorry, not beat but challenge

  4. huserk

    haha bole ja kak suzen.. lari atas kapal terbang la jawabnya.peace

  5. weh..
    lama tidak jumpa kamu…
    australia sudah…

  6. 1 more thing..
    weh aku da xpakai blog lama frenster tu..
    ni blog aku

  7. Wah, 6.6km in 41 mins. Ken and I ran 10.5km in 62 mins non stop, which is roughly the same pace as you. Im quite impressed because your dexterity is high for a girl. Keep it up Kak Husna! Micoach looks like fun!

    PS: You should try running at Victoria Park or if it’s too far, Bledisloe Park. All the best., wassalam alaik.

  8. btw, ambo yg habaq kat razif pasai ayah akak. sbb dia kata dr shukri motivator dia time dia kecik2 dlu. 😛

  9. br balik melawat blog Dr Shukri, Abg Azim dan Kakak dah “langsung” serentak. adik dia bila plak? tunggu giliran ke 😉

  10. fuhh am so impressed with you. I started to jog around university campus lately and it was never something that i enjoyed much before. But now it does! So i understood how you could become workaholic, eh silap runnaholic. I am still in the early phase of jogaholic(poyo ja, jogging pun kadang2). haha so now that you are back in Malaysia, you can jog around paddy fields, rubber estate, river, sea, roads, haa much more interestingg ahhh?

    p/s: Shamsul teringin nak pi Sabah. Husna jadi tourist guide boleh Husna?

  11. huserk

    lutfi, this is just the beginning.. im a just a beginner runner.

    hariri.. adek dia? lambat g kott…hehe.. blajaq x abeh lagi ni

    cik @ beca~ takpa… lari skit2..lama2 ble lari jouhh.. yg penting kena rajin ja.. nak p sabah?? JOMMM! hahaaaaa i love sabah

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