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Monthly Archives: December, 2008

malakoff run 2008 ~ finisher

yeahh i did it.. I managed to finish 6km run in this Malakoff Run 2008 event. Well.. as expected.. all the 1st, 2nd and 3hd winner were all from Kenya.. they ran very2 fast.. Anyway.. i satisfied with myself because i managed to run non-stop for this 6km Malakoff Run. My brother and my friend …

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hello world… VOTE for NICOL DAVID, the world’s no 1 squash player. she deserves to be the champion of the champions because she is the VERY BEST of the BEST!! VS  NICOL DAVID                         vs    Cristiano Ronaldo How to VOTE -Use multiple windows -Use multiple tabs -Click on the ‘vote’ button not one but a few …

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my girl f.r.i.e.n.d.s

salam, hi, hello~ nothing much to update.. just wanna share smthing special bout my intenational friends in massey university.. bcoz they are someone special~ they are my best buddies… we always study together… although all of us studying.. different programme, different course and different school~ we started to get closed when we always studied at …

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