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my girl f.r.i.e.n.d.s

salam, hi, hello~

nothing much to update..

just wanna share smthing special bout my intenational friends in massey university..

bcoz they are someone special~

they are my best buddies…

we always study together… although all of us studying..

different programme, different course and different school~

we started to get closed when we always studied at Riddet building together…

we shared joy and happiness together..

and also.. shared the toughness to memorize all the formula, terms, notes for the exam…ahaks

bcoz we studied last minute..ha ha ha…

and we claimed that ‘the universe is against the exam week’… bcoz…

there was an outbreak disease in massy univ at that time..and also… the weather was suddenly not as good as before..raining..and very windy…

hahaha… that’s y we dont really like e.x.a.m. hahaha.. am i?

these are my lovely friends… i introduce…AEYSHA and ZIZERT (hey dear,is the spelling correct? hehe)

me.. aeysha.. zizert

me.. aeysha.. zizert

aysha @ nurul iman (in the middle) is from 2 her.. zizert @ azizah from Nigeria, Africa.

Both of them are soo sweet~

i have a story about a girl from maldives..

when i was 13@14 years old….i was in a school..madjiwa, sekolah sultan mohammad jiwa (oh, i miss that school), lots of my friends had international was I.. I have one from.. i dont remember..maybe England..he is a quite good looking guy..but i dont really like him..haha i dont even remember his name.. i wrote a letter to him and told him that im a popular girl in malaysia..haha.. what a dream??? i told him that im a popular singer, like to dance and sing..haha.. what a fake i am???? if im not mistaken, i gave him  a photo of siti nurhaliza ( a popular singer in malaysia) and claimed that she was me.. hahaha (i cant believe this is huserk?). we had been friends just for a while..then i just ignored him..

now come a maldivian girl…

i make a fake penpal… i asked my sister, (kak nabilah) to write a letter in english language so that everyone will believe that i have a new so call ‘international penpal’.

that letter was from so call ‘a maldivian girl’… haha

and i think all my friends believe me..i dont know what was my purpose to did that fake letter..haha

anyway.. now i have a true maldivian friend..haha aeysha

i am very glad to have aesha and zizert as my friends.. thank you my dear friend..

for always being there for me… love u always…

and also… i have a very cute friend..teteh lala..or mbak lala…

she’s indonesian… she is soo cute…

indonesia shoud be proud to have an optimistic lady like lala..

she is brilliant.. and farsighted..and very caring..

thank you lala.. thanks for being a sincere friend..

looking foward to meet u in malaysia!! soooon…

daaa…. this is lala..she so adorable

lala komalawati

not forget my lovely classmate.. Enny and Josephine..

Im sorry Enny..i dont have your photo..

this is Josephine..she’s from philiphines…

josephine - red shirt with coat

josephine - red shirt with coat

she’s very helpful..and intelligent..

she helps me a lot in biometrics subject…

she has a lovely smile…she is a cheerful lady..

she always give me lollipop..biscuit and cracker..

me, josephine, bornwel, samard, belen always study biometric together..

and bornwell is a very nice and kind teacher for me..thank you very2 much!

thanks to all my friends!


here are some photos with my lovely friends…

me wif aeysha

me wif aeysha

me wif azizah

me wif azizah

at massey park

at massey park

thanks my dear friends..

see u guys later~



  1. chik

    Bestkan kawan2 baik dr negara2 lain. Share the same experience living in oversea while exchanging stories..rindu kat kawan2 cik gak!

  2. faking ur penpal?
    never thought people would do that..
    are u sure huserk?

    now i miss my foreign friends badly

  3. nabilah

    hahaha gelak gila…perasan siti nurhaliza tuh… paling tak tahan fake penpal… dah aku yg tolong tulis surat tuh??? aiseh tak ingat la. tapi sure klakar…tolong lah husna…hahahah suka berlakon… call polis masa kat USM dulu… buat2 jadik ziana zain. poyo pun ada hahahha…

    anyway your friends look so sweet!

  4. Jojoe

    Seb baek ada muka hang, kalau tak aku pun tatau sapa yang tulih entry ni.. hehe..

    Err.. by the way, yang mana satu ang aaa? HAUHUAHUA..
    Merindukanmu sehingga memanduku gila…

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