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many things…


Many things to update here. First of all.. i would like to congrats to my dear friends who have changed their status from single to husband and wife. May happiness and glory be with you all. Semoga kekal berbahagia hingga ke syurga…  Zaleha & Zariff, Syuhrah & Paie’, Hidayati dan suami, Aiman & isteri, Pak den dan isteri, Farida (sushi) dan suami, dan also to Azuan Azhadi & isteri. Thanks for your invitation and congratulations to you all.

dot dot dot…

in the last week of 2008, I organised an adventerous Perak trip. we did caving, rafting and waterfall abseiling. you can view the photos at hussef flikr. Gua tempurung is an adventurous cave to explore, kampar river is quite exciting (although Padas river is more challenging) and.. i love waterfall abseiling. i felt like wanna do it many times but only got one chance to do abseiling bcoz it was getting dark around 7pm. I really enjoyed that trip. thanks to all.. da 16 members of da trip. thanks n hope we can enjoy more in the future.. maybe mulu, sarawak? ahaks…

currently… im training for Klava Run on this 11 January. I will participate under mix team category. my team’s name is Weekend Runner.  Along gave that name. I hope I can run faster than Malakoff run.

Along, bamin, huserk… ALL DA BEST!!!!

Go Weeknd Runner! ahaks


see u guys later…after klava run, maybe.

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