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YAN, a nice place to run.

Last 2 weeks, i participated KLAVA Road relay back to nature 2009 under the mix team category. A week before that event, I ran at Lembah Kiara, TTDI almost everyday. After running at the hilly track in Lembah Kiara Park, I rewarded myself with a bowl of tau-fu-fah and soy drink, which was sold by a lovely lady. Her taufufah and soydrink is very nice and yummy. i think that is the best taufufah that i ever eat.

thanks akak tau-fu-fah πŸ™‚

During the day of the KLAVA running event, I did not perform well enough. I thought i had run faster than usual but it was slower than i used to run everyday. why? i dont know. hahaa.. All runners have to complete 3.9km and total up to 11.7km for each team. I was the 1st runner, follow by amin, the 2nd runner and along as the last runner in our team. I cant estimate 3.9km distance, which made me reserve energy more than i should. i just speed up at the last 400m when i heard and saw the crowded at the starting point. Usually, I ran for about 6-8km at lembah kiara, so that i cant really estimate the 3.9 km distance. My group ended number 12th out of 24 group in mix team catrgory. Anyway, i have to run more and do speed and endurance training. it’s ok, i’m just a beginner runner.. and future marathoner.. i hope so!


me and amin, my brother. along mana? :p

Currently, i always run at my home area, Yan. Yan is divided into two, Yan Besar and Yan Kecil. i always run from my house (yan besar), to yan kecil. the view is very nice. I ran along the paddy field, small river and through kampung area. I always run alone. During weekend or school holiday, my younger sister or brother cycling as i’m running. Yan is a calm and peaceful place. The area is a bit cool especially at night or early in the morning as it situated at the foot hill of Jerai Mountain. I just climbed Jerai mountain once since my family moved to Yan. We used to live in Telok Air Tawar, Bworth for about 13 years. We are still a new member of kampung serimanggis, Yan, Kedah..and i love so much staying in Yan.


enjoy running in yan πŸ™‚


you can see more pics from this website. Yan is such a nice place to run!

thanks for reading. see ya!


  1. back in msia? =)

  2. huserk

    hehe… yup.. just until mid february. i even went to our nicol david webmaster, Azuan’s wedding day..did u?

  3. zarina marsaleh

    dear husna,

    i’m so happy for u for ur achievements!! ^_^ keep on striving, it’s wonderful to watch u keep on going =).


  4. Hazwan

    Husna..pembetulan disini..umah Husna di Yan Besar, bukan Yan Kecil..jadi Cik Husna kite lari dr Yan Besar ke Yan Kecil….

  5. huserk

    Zarina.. thanks u soo much.. sayanggg kat hang tau… tringin nak hang out skali bebila…

    Hazwan… heheee.. a ah la.. silap..nanti cek pebetoi naa. thanks tolong habaq..tak prasan la cek πŸ™‚

  6. Balik m’sia.. kita kayuh gerek pusing Gg Jerai…

  7. huserk

    hee.. gilo ah..aritu tgok biker2 kayuh gerek kat gng jerai.. saya jog pun letey giler..curam betul πŸ˜› mmg respect la..tabekk spring!! heee

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