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before going back~

Today is the 2nd of February. Almost every night I dream of going back to New Zealand and continue my study for 2nd semester. I feel like wanna stay in Malaysia and have a longer holiday.. hehe.. but I have to face the truth.  I still have to go back to Nz and start a new day life in Palmerston North. Well..I am ready to go back and will push myself to the limit. BUT… there are a few things that i would like to accomplish before going back to activate myself in New Zealand.

Here are the few fantastic things.. ha ha ha :

1st) I will participate my last running event in Malaysia.. Larian Tahun BAru Adun Chempaka.

When I go back to NZ, insyaAllah i will participate many running events in NZ especially in Palmerston North or in Manawatu region. I wish to join the Manawatu Striders Club or Palmerston North Athletic Club (PNAC). So, I have to keep on running no matter how busy I am. Studying postgraduate in Massey University is tough for me. We always have been fed with assignments, Assignments, and assignments.. and assignments!! We have more assignments than class. Well.. maybe this is what we call postgraduate studies 🙂

KLAVA run 2009

KLAVA run 2009

2nd) I will go for a next adventures trip! Gua Mulu, gunung api, pinnacles.. here i come!! heh heh.. I cant wait to go to Mulu, Sarawak. This is one of my dreams since I studied in UMS Sabah. Bamin, Along, Munie, Matde will join for this adventurous trip. We will explore caves, hiking Gunung Api and hope to view a breath-taking scenery of pinnacles. I hope this will be a wonderful trip for us.

I am soo happy and very glad that I had fulfilled all my dreams to explore Sabah.  I have climbed Kinabalu twice, rafting Padas thrice, Rafting Kiulu twice, snorkling Sipadan twice, cruising Kinabatangan and Gerama rivers, and night jungle trekking in Sandakan’s forest. And also explored Gua Niah with all my 10 girlfriends. Thanks to all my friends especially my UMS’s friends. I would like to extend my grateful to Along, Munie and my bro, Amin, who always being my best buddies for travel and explore to the magnificent places in Malaysia! Thanks to Makcu and Pakcu for the memorable trip to Sabah last year (2008). Nanti kita travel dengan Ashman pulok 🙂

So.. when I go back to NZ, i hope i will have chance to explore New Zealand. I hope I could go tramping (travel and camping) and do many outdoor activities in New Zealand. I also wish to go to Fiji Islands and also other islands at the South Pacific Ocean. InsyaAllah kalau ada masa dan rezeki. Amin.

gua Niah trip, 2005

gua Niah trip, 2005

padas river.. paddle or die? ha ha

kiulu river.. paddle or die? ha ha

up to the peak.. Mount Kinabalu

up to the peak.. Mount Kinabalu

3hd) I want to play basketball. Not just playing for fun. But..would like to have a friendly bastketball match. I hope my favourite coach / teacher, Cikgu Rodzimah tersayang, can arrange a basketball game for me.. hehehe… bole kan cikgu kan.. Love u cikgu Gmah.

I have a fantastic basketball team when I was in universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). I am the little one.. I mean.. player paling kecil..but I am the baskeball captain. heh heh heh.. Although the captain is the smallest, but our team is the strongest. We won lots of intercollege tournaments and got lots of medal. Thanks Kingfisher!

go Kingfisher team!! we are the Best!

go Kingfisher team!! we are the Best!

mesti masuk punya... ha ha ha..

mesti masuk punya... ha ha ha..

4th) I will keep on eating all Malaysian Foods. Laksa (esp laksa maklang), mee udang, murtabak, roti canai, rojak buah, apom balik, bihun sup kedah, putu mayam, and many moooore… he he he..

I was food-sick, not home-sick when I was in NZ. So, I have to eat all my favourite foods before going back to NZ. I’m glad that I dont eat fast food; KFC, Mc D, PizzaHut or others. I used to eat all those fast food when I was studying in Sabah. But not anymore now. It has been 2-3 years that i have not eaten any fast foods. I dont have any appetite to eat all those burger, fried chicken or pizza. There are no halal fast food restaurants in NZ, so.. I dont care at all.

Okay.. see u guys later.. after Mulu? maybe…

mulu…here i come…ye yeahhh



  1. noha

    wahh..sronoknya kak husna berjln2..:)

    p/s:kak husna dpt rumah mana dis year?B1 rotary erk?

  2. nak ekot g mulu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha….tp takley la,sbb wat time klas…huhu….

  3. nabilah

    gila sport tul adek aku ni…. makan jgn tak makan… buat bekal tahan setahun kat NZ… bukan best kan pi oversea…dok yan lagi best..
    YAN DA BEST OF DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! semua makanana sedap!!! hehehe…. good luck pi NZ… terlepas musim dorian noooo

  4. huserk

    hehee stuju kak.. sbb kita dah pindah yan..jadi yan is da best place in da world.. hehe exaggerate btui.. tp yan mmg best. makanan sedap n muroh gile.. tenang lak tu..haha..umah kita lak mcm2 ada… ayam, itik, ikan2, kucin, dan akan dtg.. burung! ahaks… aritu dah bantai durian.. siam mari..hehe.. apapun, take care dok kat sana winter uk lg sejuk kot..hee

  5. Selamat pi.. & selamat balik ke m’sia. Nnt post gambaq race dari NZ

  6. huserk

    Haris – thanks! hee skarg kat msia la dok cuti.. nak balik NZ dah la 2 minggu lg. kalau join race NZ mest update kt blog py. hee..

  7. zarina marsaleh

    betul2! aku sokong sngt, time kat nz nanti go all out k! =) bestnya tengok hang rajin betul sports and outdoor, seriously keep on posting ya! aku suka baca ^_^ ~hugS~

  8. huserk

    Thanks Zarina 🙂 takpa.. aku pun suka tgok hang ghabat besi2 kat platfom minyak.. mmg teruja aku tgok.. heeeee

  9. Iz

    nnt kalau rodzimah wat frenly gtau ek.. haha..

  10. a) jgn lupa cheesecake kat sana..pos kat mesia sini

    b) eh..kiulu river tu cam besh jerk… lagi besar air dia kannn.. huhuhu

  11. alaaaa… i didn’t know you were going to azuan’s wedding! so i didn’t go =(

    are u back in NZ already?

  12. Thank you so much for attending my wedding. I feel bad not be able to spend lots of time chatting with you, fitri and your family. Maybe next time yea!

    🙂 hope you enjoyed the food! 🙂

  13. huserk

    wmsiew.. i went there with my brother, i thought u were there. yeah.. im already back to nz. nicol david is going 2 perform in msia.. cheers 4 her!
    Azuan.. thanks 4 ur invitation. mmg best mkn mcm2 masa knuri aritu. hehe thanks dan semoga berbahagia hingga ke syurga. mrsbeskal,kak intan, thanks tumpang dok umah.. kak intan mmg kewl la..nanti kita p trip adventure lain pulak kay.

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