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back to NZ

Hi everyone…

I just arrived NZ yesterday..and still jetlag? haha.. just kidding, i’m sleepy not because of jetlag but because of tired. Tired of long journey from alor setar – kl – brunei – auckland – palmerston north.

slide1I am ready to start a new semester with a fortunate beginning. I have accomplished all my wishes before going back to NZ. I have many exciting plans and activities to do here in NZ! I have to activate myself back again here. haha..

1st of all…I would like to thanks to :

my mom and dad for always be there for me..

oh ya…mak n kakmaj, thanks tolong masak mcm2 bekal bawa balik 🙂

along, amin, munie, matde…  thanks for joining the mulu n pinnacles trip! very challenging but satisfying! seronokkkk sangat kannnnn

cikgu gmah.. for organizing the basketball game with your students.

thanks for all those who joined the perak adventures trip – caving, rafting and waterfall abseiling.. best kan ramai2

again.. along n amin.. i am very happy to run in the larian mesra (my last tournament before going back to NZ).. and also happy to won the 7th place. heh heh heh jgn jeles

larian mesra rakyat adun chempaka - no7

larian mesra rakyat adun chempaka 2009

I was happy back home.. and looking forward for a better life in NZ.

Dont forget to read my next entry.. the mulu and pinnacles trip!!!! ..especially for those who intend to climb up mount api and view pinnacles from the top of it. It was extremely great experience!



  1. karimkayu


    All The BEST~!! 🙂 glad to hear that u arrive safely~ 🙂

    activate now~!!


  2. ~aZa~

    da sampai pon die…
    aik nama along jek..mane nama aza tak nek pon..heh heh heh…
    nak gambar2 canggih yg ampa amek ritu~~

  3. Iz

    Haa cepat apdet! Hehe

  4. karimkayu

    salams~! 🙂

    Its Garmin time~!! 🙂



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