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Monthly Archives: March, 2009

Basketball really make my day!

I was struggling all day in the computer lab doing my assignment. I have 4 presentations in 3 consecutive days next week! I havent prepare it all yet! Im now writing my assignment to be submitted next week as well.. pheww.. im not gonna sleep! im not gonna run until the next weekend on 11 …

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Go Kairanga~

Hi all, As usual, im being very busy with my study.. assignments, presentations, readings, researching etc. My life now is much more fun n enjoyable compare to last semester. I love my new housemates. They are crazy and sometimes funny. We eat a lot and laugh more everyday. hahaa. I have more new international friends …

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oh mama~

salam…hello just wanna say ~ i miss my mom…my dad n my femli back home i miss my aysha n ameera.. i miss kampung Yan i miss my cats.. tompok, puteh, rein, rona, roni, makaroni, comel(tp comot) i miss laksa maklang i miss apom balik pasar malam yan i miss coq keria makcik yan i …

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Friday 13?

Hi World, Friday 13 ~ many people believe that this day is an unlucky day. well.. i dont care about it and i dont even believe it. but.. the things is… there was smthing very bad happened to me on that day… hah hah.. what a coincidence~ My assignment had been rejected by my lecturers. …

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procrastinate ~ delay

hi helooe.. i supposed to post about gunung mulu trip right now… nope, not right now actually, but earlier than that. I am sorry for the delaying. I am now extremely busy with my work. Im taking 7 papers for this semester and all the lecturers happy to throw us with a bunch of assignments. …

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