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procrastinate ~ delay

hi helooe..

i supposed to post about gunung mulu trip right now… nope, not right now actually, but earlier than that. I am sorry for the delaying. I am now extremely busy with my work. Im taking 7 papers for this semester and all the lecturers happy to throw us with a bunch of assignments. interesting isnt it. i know.. they loves their student so much. ha haa..

I got 5 presentations and 12 written assignments to be done for this semester.. and i havent started writing any yet! cammon lah.. am i a procrastinator??? well.. i have did one of my presentation last wednesday which I worked quite last minute to prepare the slides. It is because…i DONT UNDERSTAND exactly about the mechanism in cellular and membrane cells in brain.Oh yea, my presentation is about the mechanism of action of omega-3 fats in brain function and cognitive development. wah.. panjangnya tajuk..hehehehe. anyway, thanks to along for helping me preparing the slides.

Okay… leave the assigments behind and lets talk about something else.. pheww.. i hate talking about assgnments, it makes me nervous and feels like time running sooo fast!

happy girls during potluck - my new housemate that bring more cheerful n joyness in my life here (me, ayu -green thirt-, noha -pink scurf wearing glass, khuzai -pink scurf with glary eyes- hehe)

happy girls during potluck - my new housemates, they bring more cheerful n joyfulness in my life here (me with jeans jacket, ayu -green thirt-, noha -pink scurf wearing glass, khuzai -pink scurf with glary eyes- hehe)

well.. what’s to talk about.. apa lagi.. pasal lari lah.. hahh..

I have run many time since i came back to massey. what a good start for this new second semester.

I feel more energetic running in NZ.. we hardly get hydrated and feeling exhausted. Maybe it is because of the weather here. My longest run so far is 9.8km – run from massey university to town and return back to campus. you can view my running map here. I have mapped 3 runs so far and will continue and keep updating in MapMyRun. Everyone can map their run in that website. check it out. It is very useful. We can even see other people running routes as well.

Im going to participate relay for life today. It is not exactly a race but an awareness-raising event for the survivors and families of those with cancer. for those who are staying in NZ, come on, lets participate the Relay For Life event~ The event is about to :

  • Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer. The strength of survivors inspires others to continue the fight.
  • Remember the loved ones lost to the disease.
    At Relay For Life, people who walk alongside those battling cancer can grieve and find healing.
  • Fight Back. We Relay because we have been touched by cancer and desperately want to put an end to the disease. We make a commitment to save lives by taking up the fight

Okay… thats all for now. again..sorry for the delaying. I will post the entry about the trip to gunung mulu and pinnacles soon.

daaaaa ~


  1. karimkayu

    Keep up the good work~!! πŸ™‚ We are going to watch Nicol in KL Open Final~! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ let run for a reason~


  2. weh, nicol kalah la tadi.. huhu

  3. weh,aku minat nak tau psl mechanisms of omega-3 yg ko present tu.bole bg aku slide die??or pape je la yg aku bole bace..aku igt nk wat research psl cognitive function..hehe..tengkiu…

  4. drmshukri

    Anakku Husna Budak Baiiiiik,
    You are not procrastinating (prc). You got important things to do, yet you knowingly delay doing it because you focus on small and petty things. Thats prc. But yours is different. You are terribly busy with your term papers and academic projects to the extent that you have no time writing about your Mulu trip. Delaying doing small things to give way to far more important things is not prc. So it’s perfectly o.k. Don’t feel guilty about it.
    Well 6.05 petang Isnin now. Todays public holiday Maulidur Rasul. Due to a long weekend Yan is busy with abang and family, bang cik n intan as well as Cik and Shamsul. Semua mereka baru balik ke destinasi masing2. Sunyi balik. Well take care.

  5. mkay98

    ala function2 membrane dgn cell dlm brain tu hang anggap je sama dengan apa yg berlaku dlm otak hang…senang kan?

  6. mkay98

    kem salam kat si tudung hitam!!

  7. ibrahim

    hi… erm… saye rase awak lah doktor kat klinik anis kan?? nape awak kat new zealand plak?? ade kembar dua serupa ke??

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