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Friday 13?

Hi World,

Friday 13 ~ many people believe that this day is an unlucky day. well.. i dont care about it and i dont even believe it. but.. the things is… there was smthing very bad happened to me on that day… hah hah.. what a coincidence~

My assignment had been rejected by my lecturers. they ask me to re-do the assignment. huhu..

They found that i dont really understand on the mechanisms –> yes it is true! i dont have any basic background in physiology and anatomy, but physiology is strongly demanding for this assignment.

They found a liltle percentage of plagiarism in my assignment, playgiarised from journals –> i dont understant about certain subtopics, so i just rephrase the journal contents and REFERENCED it. i thought it is okay to do like that… but it is NOT actually. you have to make the whole sentences by your own.

So… i have to do it again.. well.. it is okay.. that is life..

Think positive… always

so… when i gonna post the entry about mulu-pinnacles?? nanti dah basi..

well.. NO.. the memory still remains. dont worry and just trust me. once i finish some of my assignments, i will post it.

he he he.. be patient~

Be strong Huserk!!!!

thanks 4 reading~ bye 4 now~




  1. mari aku ajaq anatomy ngn fisio kat hang..haha…feveret tu…hehe

  2. beca-film

    hehe kesiannn pulaqkk dgr kena rejecttt… takpa nekad buat sekali lagi dengan tanpa peduli perasaan lain! housemate dah best ka? Bolehla jalan2 banyakkk skitt kan

  3. huserk

    hanief : nanti aku bagi info / journal yg penting ttg cognitive. laa ni mmg bz sket, hang nak urgent ka. nanti aku xfhm apa2 mechanism ble tanya hang noo..

    beca: chik, housemate mmg best pun! lebih warna warni life skarg. cuma xble lari dari asaimen yg sgt byk n bebetul membebankan..huhu.. mmg xsempat nak bejalan mana2 lg. masa yg ada pun curi2 utk p jogging. tunggulah free nanti balas dendam round NZ. hehe

  4. huserk, smpi mcm tu skali eh even kt dh ltk rfrncs… be strong kay.. 🙂

  5. same kes kite. pnah gak kene rejek. tp mine was totally my fault. keh2.. gambatte~

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