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Hi all,

As usual, im being very busy with my study.. assignments, presentations, readings, researching etc. My life now is much more fun n enjoyable compare to last semester. I love my new housemates. They are crazy and sometimes funny. We eat a lot and laugh more everyday. hahaa. I have more new international friends as well, mostly from China, the States,  and Kiwis.

I used to join Kiwis playing futsal at hokowhitu campus and hope to play more with them later. Friday is Malaysian time! We book sport hall every Friday, 5-7pm. I play random sports (volleyball, basketball, badminton). The utmost important is…. im playing basketball for Kairanga court’s team (my resident hall’s team). It is a mix team. We have match every Monday started early March til the end of this April. We have won 2 out of 3 games so far. The state’s people in our team make Kairanga’s team more powerful. hahaa I should take some photos during basketball match in the next game. I enjoyed playing basketball here so much! and of course… i enjoy running here as well.

My dear friend, aysha (the maldivian girl; see my girlfriend post), she’s now into running and getting more fit. I am so proud of her. I bet she can run for a 10k race one day.. and who knows… she’ll be a marathoner.

Me? I am so busy, but still trying to spend my little time for running. In the first week of semester, i managed to run for about 10k, but not anymore now. I just run for about 4-6km, twice in a week. I just have to keep on running at least once a week.. no matter if it is only a short distance running. I just want to maintain my current fitness level. Once I have some free time, I’ll try to run for about an hour, and hope to hit more than 10km. I really hope to get more free time at the end of this semester and will definitely build up my stamina to run longer and farther.

back to assignment, huserk!
see ya later~

coming soon~ 'geng miri'

coming soon~ 'geng miri'



  1. sometimes busy is fun.
    but most of the time busy is headache.

    go huserk!

  2. wah2..enjoy je duk sne kn??
    dah ade geng nk running lg best..
    running for fun..”)

  3. men basketball???seronoknyee…sy da lame xmen..since left matriks…xde geng nk men basketball…huhuu..lari jgn xlari…all d best for u..

  4. huserk

    ajat, bila xbz, ada byk masa rasa besalah pulak. syah, enjoy tu mesti tp keje byk nak mampus penat giloooooo. fiza, nanti kt msia ble la kita men bsketball, cari team! basketball is part of my life. heheee. anyway, thanks 4 reading, guys.


    u mentioned me and i am so grateful for u! thanks honey! i am inspired by you! and i feel so goood when i run! :):):)
    most importantly thanks for beleiving in me when no one else did! love u for that sister!
    we shud run 2mrw and u know what i am actually thinking of how much i am gonna miss running here when i go back home next year! hahah! i am an addict now!
    aneways love u and thanks fromt he bottom of my heart!
    good luck studying and we shud meet 2mrw!

  6. mkay98

    so fun being a student!!!

  7. tq 4 visiting my blog…yeah,u should njoy ur student life ‘coz ur not gona get it back wen it hs gon…em a student lets njoy it

  8. ayah

    Husna, I’m really glad you’re happy in NZ. Busy tak apa, tak sibuk yang buat life boring. Glad also that you’ve met roomates yang menyenangkan. It makes hell lot of different in life when surrounded by loving and caring friends. Love, ayah

  9. huserk

    aysha = my pleasure. love u dear! im happy to have such a lovely fren like u.
    mkay= jd la student balik.hahaa.. xpa hang keja berjasa n berbakti. bgus!!
    JASA = yeahhh lets enjoy while we r studying
    ayah = thanks ayah. miss u n miss yan so much. hehe

  10. housemateno6

    we love u too kak husna.

  11. Iz

    btol tu uncle! not busy = boring..

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