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Thank you my friends

Hi all,

Thank you again? Yeahh I like to thank people. of course everyone like to thank people for their kindness.

Thanks to ayu, khuzai, zuria, sharina, yusma, ain, hana, fairuz n aysha and also fifiy for my surprise birthday party. You guys really surprised me. Never in mind thought that I will celebrate a birthday party in NZ. heheee, sweet memory of mine.

Not forget to thanks to Noha as well.. hehe Thanks for remembering everyone about my birthday (although it is a wrong date :P). Everyone thought my birthday was on 14th but not 12th. well.. it doesnt matter at all.. It is so glad and feel so appreciated when we know that our friends care for us. Read Ayu’s and Noha\’s post entry to know the so call ‘backstage’ story~ hehehe. Your intention to celebrate my birthday and come up with many plans is really really appreciated. So, again, big thanks to my housemates, noha, ayu n khuzai. Thanks to everyone who make an efforts to cooked, baked cakes (zuria, ain n aysha) and also wished me happy birthday.

Not to forget.. thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday via facebook (baru activate balik), friendster (da lama xupdate pun), text, email, phone and also the comments in this blog. Thanks to karimkayu for the special entry~

Actually, I suppose to post this entry earlier, as my bday was 5 days ago.. haha.. well, as usual, busy is my big excuse. hahaaa..  hey, it’s true-lah. heh heh. okay, back 2 assignments.

Cheese cake, cantik dak? yummy~

Cheese cake, cantik dak? yummy~

'Choc fudge' by aysha, or kek batik lah senang ;)

'Choc fudge' by aysha, or kek batik lah senang 😉


so call 'study' lah ni

so call 'study' lah ni

study-study ; esplanade park

study-study ; esplanade park



  1. CH

    haha.nak buat macam mana kak husna,laen kali bg reminder awal2 yerk.:p

  2. hepi belated buffday!!

  3. ayu

    eh ingatkan kitornag je terlambat..rupenye ade org lg lambat..hehe

  4. Iz

    so dah dapat x ape yg hang ckp kat aku aritu? haha.. semoga terus cemerlang serk! 🙂

  5. huserk

    CH, segan la buat reminder. im low profile je. hehe.
    webvideo, thanks. ayu, sapa lg lambat tu? IZ, xdpt g laa..uwaaa..

  6. happy belated besday

  7. salam Kak Husna
    hehe..selamat berkenalan..aduh..sungguh poyo
    salu je denga name akk
    budak2 ni cite
    if kte jumpe,sure kte boleh main basket same2
    dulu kite main shoot sorang2 if xde orang nak main
    kite main untuk rotary dulu
    best gile kan?
    happy belated birthday to you too!

  8. huserk

    thanks kak edotz. thanks elun.
    hehee.. jgn la panggey kak husna, cem geli2 je. hehehe
    kita lebey kurang sebaya ja. aritu sempat jumpa kejap je kan kat masjid jamek dgn lala. xpa, nanti kita jmpa lagi d msia, maybe ble men bsket sama2 hehe

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