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When we don’t feel safe, we need someone by our side.

When we are sad, we need someone to comfort us.

When we get angry, we need someone to pacify us.

When we feel hungry, we need food to eat.

When we need more money, go n rob a bank. (but it is not halal-lah)

But sometimes, we just need TIME for our own self.

What am I talking about huh? hehh well..

Allah is always be there for us, it is just us that not always be with Him.

‘Allah Almighty is your Protector and He is the best of helpers’ translation of the meaning of the Holy Al-Quran; 3:150.

fly away~ bebas di angkasa

fly away~ bebas di angkasa

awan : The Simpsons

awan : The Simpsons


1 Comment

  1. cantik pics awan tu..suke tgk..
    neway..ur kitten pon da xde da??
    mesti sedih kan..
    oo..yah..hepi belated b’day too..
    dunno when is ur b’day..
    cheese cake nmpak sdp n my fevret tau
    da tue da..smoge pjg umr mura rezki “)

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