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Bestnyaa: Basketball, Wellington & SEA games

Salam and Hello everyone,

There are many things to update here. I will make it simple and short.

Last Friday, i jogged from main campus Massey uni to Hokowhitu campus at night..and alone. The weather was quite cold, but we can warm up ourself as we run. So, not a big matter. But im a bit worried as im not really familiar with the route to Hokowhitu campus. Anyway, I enjoyed my running at night. Just a short running but enjoyable. The running distance was approximately 3.3km with the pace 6.43/km. Well.. what was I did in Hokowhitu campus at that Friday night? haha.. of course only SPORT is the reason. what else i will do apart from my assignments, right? well..I usually play indoor sports  (futsal or basketball) with Kiwis friends at Friday night. and that night.. we played BASKETBALL… wahh bestnyaaaa. i love to play basketball since in high school~ Here are some photos :


exhausted but satisfying~

exhausted but satisfying~

Danielle send me back to Massey directly after the game. Thanks Danielle.

The next Wednesday, I went to Wellington~ Aysha, Sharina and I joined the Massey uni day trip to Te Papa Museum in Wellington. I have been waiting to go to this museum since last semester. We departed from Massey around 845am and arrived Wellington around 1245 noon.

Me and Sharina; Massey uni busStop

Me and Sharina; Massey uni busStop

We just stopped by at Lindale for lunch and short break. There is a Farm and a variety of retail gallery shops, and the Kapiti Cheese & Ice Cream shop.  I indulged myself with NZ’s favourite icecream; hokey pokey.

p1050566Our journey from Palmerston North to Wellington took about 2 hours. The scenery in NZ was amazing, very beautiful. I’m sorry, there’re not many photos to share, some of them still in my friend’s camera. Anyway, this are the photos of me and aysha in Wellington.

aysha n me ; Wellington

aysha n me ; Wellington

fresh air; open-air Te Papa cafe

fresh air; open-air Te Papa cafe

yummy hot choclate!

yummy hot choclate!

Ohh….we forgot to take photos in front of Te Papa Museum. Te Papa is the NZ’s national museum. You can explore the nation’s nature, art, history and herritage. If you really keen to know more about the NZ’s people, wildlife and culture, Te PaPa is the best choice of place to go! Anyway, it was a nice trip. Thank you to International Department of Massey Uni for organizing this wonderful trip.

And.. this is the most interesting part…

On Saturday, April 25, 2009. SEA games event! It was a sport event day for Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian. There are basketball, soccer and volleyball games in this Sea games event. Well.. what did I play? hehe I bet you know the answer, basketball.. what else huh. There was only one match for basketball girls game; Malaysia Vs Indonesia. Here are some photos:

Before the game start~

warming up before the game ; MUMSA's team

warming up before the game ; MUMSA's team



We won the game~ YEEHAAA~ Malaysia BOLEH!  The score? 42-2 yeahh.. go MUMSA~ how many did I score? uncountable.. haha blagak dak?

Malaysian Team: From right : Zhin Zee, Ayu, Jace, ME, Nurul, Zuria

Malaysian Team: From right : Zhin Zee, Ayu, Jace, ME, Nurul, Zuria

with someof MUMSA's supporters

with some of MUMSA's supporters

Well.. I really2 enjoyed this game!! yeahhh.. hehe ye lah sbb menang besar (42-2). Thanks to Matthews and his friends for the last minute training. Thanks to my teammates. Such a nice game!!!! Great team work. You guys powerlah. Thanks to the supporters for cheered up the game!! best best

I am looking forward to play basketball for Kairanga court team this coming Monday. Massey Uni basketball league is still going on. yeahh basketball again. heh heh.. bestnyaaaa I  just love this semester~

Okay, see u guys later.. going to bed. Zzzzz



  1. no.6 yg msh xtdo.

    haha.gile brlagak ok psl score tu.:p

    just kidding.

    nice game btw.laen kali maen lagi.

    haha.pening2.hampeh btul assgnmt.*tetiba*

  2. karimkayu


    haha, power power~!!!main indoor court plak tu~!! 🙂 respeklahhh..hehe
    cappucino xdak ka?xkan hot choc ja kot.



  3. jojoeali

    Nurul pun ada.. huhuu…

  4. Gapodio

    mari bersukan…

  5. makcu

    huserz score baper bijik pakcu tanya? 🙂

    • huserk

      heee byk sgt pakcu, sampai tak terkira.. heheeeeee..

  6. Hi Husna,
    salam ziarah 🙂

  7. zarina

    42-2?? gile laaa, loooll. congrats2! ^_^ and first time tengok husna pakai tudung style yg macam kaler pink tu. as usual, u look sweet in pink! =)

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