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Exam is just around the corner ..but still..

Hi guys,

2 weeks more, huhh.. 2 weeks to go.. my final exam is soon..
Time is running so fast.. and..still..I’ve got lots lots lots of assignment to be done. 5 more essays.. i have tried to use all my precious time wisely.. but still…

I have requested for extension of deadline of my essays..not all.. just 2 of them. I will try to finish 3 of those essays within this 2 weeks and will maintain study every night.. i hope i manage to cover everything i need b4 the final exam. Ya Allah, give me the strength..
whenever i feel down.. or miss home.. i like to watch this video from youtube šŸ™‚

anyway, i still play basketball.. hehehe.. Kairanga Kings is the top team now.. we are leading.. yess.. and i know.. we’re gonna win in this league tournament.. i hope so! kairanga is always the king of the court. and next week is the semi-final and final. I hope kairanga can win all the games!! go guyss.. i know we can do it~

My plan after the exam weeks?
-Run run run and keep on running.. hit the palmy!… i wanna be fit.. I have to build back my endurance!
-travel around NZ.. winter is coming, it’s gonna be so cold down here..and i dont know which place is the best to visit.. maybe South island? Fiji island? or just North island?
-training for Bersatu Games (im gonna play basketball and…run for 400m for this Bersatu Game..maybe) actually im not a sprinter, well just have a try first!
*Bersatu game is the Msian Sport event in NZ. All Malaysians from all over NZ will come to Palmy (massey univ. is the host this year) for this annual big event. We will rock bumi Palmy with basketball, soccer, badminton, netball, futsal, takraw, tennis and many more games. Oh yeah.. athletic track as well.. 100, 400, 4×100, 4×400. all da best!!

catch u guys later… after exam.. maybe~
(back 2 work)


  1. caffeine escapade

    GUD LUCK 4 ur coming exam. i’Allah u’ll manage to cope everythin’. Gambate!!! I’ll pray 4 u. šŸ™‚ Bersatu games? like MASUM aite? perghh..sounds fun. wanna join!! hehe..
    oh ya, ur gonna travel around NZ afta exam aite? fr ur travel list, how bout Fiji island? Fiji just sounds pumpin fun. even tho i dun have any idea how fiji looks like.. ;p wanna join jgk!!!!

    • huserk

      trex.. trex.. mai la NZ wei.. jum travel skali! must be fun 2 travel around Nz wif U! teringat zaman muda mudi wei (dah tua ka?) haha.. miss u gurl!

  2. hai….ni mai bawak cucuq bawang, sambal udang geragau dan gulai kelantan. tapi masuk2 nampak gambag pak we sorang…ehh..macam kenal jer…he..he..he… Husna sihat nooo….

    • huserk

      makaseh2 bawak cucuq segala makanan sedap2. hehe. alhamdulillah sehat šŸ™‚

  3. gud luck cik huserk..

    • huserk

      thank you my friend

  4. gambatte kudasai~ dah abeh exam bole la balik mesia~

    • huserk

      bole p umah makan buah betik. heheh tak balik cuti jap je, then stat research kot. huhh.. penat2

  5. hanief

    goodluck huserk..aku lusa dah xm dah..haha..bes la ada game mcm tu..kalo aku ada sana mst aku join sume.haha…

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