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assalamualaikum and haiiiii to everyone.

I just got an email this morning, and i bet other malaysian in Palmy got it as well.

It is an email about a debate competition that will be held here, in Palmy, and this is the general information:

Title: Pertandingan Bahas Ala- Parlimen Piala Kelab Umno NZ-Chair of Malay Studies 2009
Dates: 6th and 8th of July 2009.
Venue:Conference Room of Kingsgate Hotel, Palmerston North
Time: 6.00pm – 11.00pm

These two will be the topics for the upcoming debate competition,

First round,
1. PPSMI (Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Sains Dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris) wajar diteruskan.

Second and final round,
2. Malaysia : Aspirasi pemimpin masa kini dan inspirasi negara.

Ahaa… both are hot topics especially the first one. Well.. even me sometimes give my opinions to other blogs discussing these topics. And..all malaysian have been arguing about PPSMI since last few years, and i feel kind of tired about that. hmm it is all politics~ it is a never ending story issue~

but hey, it’s been such a long time saying kind of ‘good bye’ to the debate and elocution stuff. yep.. since i left high school.. but i think i am more into elocution rather that debate.. and  i did much more well in elocution and won lots of prizes but lose quite badly in debate. hahaha not enough skill and experience, perhaps.

Well, in UMS, i just joined an organiser team for the national debate event, but not a debater. And Im very glad that i’ve been chosen as a representative speaker of all  graduate students in UMS 2007, to give speech during the graduation ceremony. Actually, at first, i straightly rejected the request to give the speech, but then my dad got mad at me, haha. yeah i know, i should grab that golden opportunity. then i called the HEP staff and agreed to give speech on that special day of mine. My dad and I prepare the speech just a day before the graduation day. Thanks ayah for helping me preparing the speech! All i want is to make my mom and dad happy and proud of me. and more.. at least i have the same experience like my dad, he has been chosen to give speech in his graduation ceremony as well, in USM.

by da way.. back to the topic, well..this might be a good opportunity for me to try and feel back the debate atmosphere.. haahaa.. but the date seems not so good for me. i’m thinking to go somewhere else for this holiday and havent decide it yet. haha.. it seems like many people want me to go back home, malaysia.. (see the poll result) yeah i miss malaysia.. the food.. arhh.. durian, rambutan, maggis, apom balik, roti canai, murtabak.. and many2 more…wahahahah. hmm.. should i give a try? or maybe just become a viewer, but not a debater. hehehe…

will keep on updating… before going for a vacation trip, perhaps.

some photos of my graduation day~


UMS is beautiful! we have our own beach and beautiful scenery!

UMS is beautiful! we have our own beach and beautiful scenery!

lisah n ayyim! miss u guys! now i really miss my all UMS friends1_457667702m1_931508465m



  1. Noha

    kak husna,pilih gambar terbaek ke?haha.
    silalah msk debate if nak..nnt kita p sokong.

    • huserk

      gambar terbaik? masudnya apakah itu? xbyk gamba yg ada kat hard drive, yg lain tu ada kat msia lg~

  2. nadiah

    cun gambar,heheh:D

    what?havent decide yet nak pegi mane?haha.balik la akak,nadiah tunggu nie,rinduuuu~~

  3. nabil

    akak cool.. hoho.. mcm best je tgk org graduates..hehe

  4. ayu

    eh nape kite bru bce nih?

  5. nanti dah balik malaysia dah susah nak keluaq pi kot lain dah…
    sementara tak dok kat malaysia ni la nak explore semua segala…

  6. wes..comey nya kak huserk ngan parents..hihi

  7. huserk

    nadiah..dtg la becuti2 d palmy 😛
    nabil.. tappe nanti nabil akan graduate n ada pengalaman gak, tp actually best ja life as a student esp undergrad, so agak sedey nak tinggalkan zaman undergrad. hehehe
    ayu… baru hapdate baru la baca
    amirul… hang kat msia pun ada masa kena bejalan cuti2 msia.. msia beh wooo esp borneo 🙂
    hana.. awak lg chumel..muka cpat blushing, suka tgok hana blushing 😀

  8. Jojoe

    Weh.. aku pun cumil gak pa.. hehe..
    Erm.. rasa cam penah lawan ngan ang debate kan? kan?
    So, aku sokong ang masuk.. masuk!!!

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