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Long journey so far

Just came back from a long journey~ i have been traveling around south island Nz for 10 days. the first 6 days, was traveling with the cool buddies, Cheon, Callie, Beatrice (HongKongnese) and Alex (Wuhanese) and started traveling alone on the 7th-10th. Well.. actually im planning to travel for about 13days, planning to travel up to the northern south island alone. well.. due to my health condition and lack of available clothes, i choose to go back to palmy. hey.. that is why im really into preparing my stuff properly before start traveling. oh ya.. plus.. i need a little rest to prepare myself for the athletics game in the bersatu game.

Yeapp.. i bought a new backpack, which is bigger (50+10L) n more comfortable. well.. i will be carrying all my stuff by myself, so a really good and comfort bag is necessary. otherwise we will end up by feeling so pain n terrible! that what lots of backpackers have been telling me so far. so.. to buy a backpack/rucksack, comfort is no1 and price should be no2.. and i’ve got a nice and comfort backpack. i was happy for that.. and also got a nice Kathmandu’s sleeping bag.. of course that is essential as well.. this is south island of NZ, so good and light sleeping bag is compulsory.. i will be carrying that sleeping bag for the whole light sleeping bag is a ‘must’.. im not going to travel by car..but mostly by foot.. just use all the public transport… so the rest would be all by my foot.. mann..and yeah.. im going to travel alone as well, so good and well preparation is vital ok. unless you travel in a group or by car along the journey.. so not much worry would be needed or play in your mind.. and this journey would be my 1st time traveling alone and i hope to experience it with all good and sweet things.. heee

okay.. finish about preparing thingy..

well.. this is my simple explanation bout my journey to the south..

day 1 = queenstown, met my friends there, gondola and played luge

day 2 = SKI~ i love ski now.. cause ive leant the basic skill! im addicted now!

day 3 = Milford sound cruise..massyaAllah.. soo beautiful! night at Te anau

day 4 = doubtful sound cruise and yeapp.. everywhere in NZ is soo beautiful

day 5 = Dunedin ~ just walked around the town

day 6 = Dunedin ~ run at the steepest road on earth!

day 7 = Queenstown (alone, the rest went back palmy already that morning)

day 8 =Christchurch, went to Hanmer Spring with Olivia (my Korean friend)

day 9 = Christchurch tour.. Bay, and other small town around christchurch, met new friends and they were nice

day 10 = Window shopping in Christchurch n went back home..palmy..

Well.. this is a very short story of mine.. will describe it more in detail later.. when i got back my SD memory card from callie..

will upload photos as well..

phew.. and now i am.. back in palmy and looking forward for bersatu sport games


me, Cheon, Callie, Alex n Beatrice

me, Cheon, Callie, Alex n Beatrice

sweet memory of mine. so guys, where n when is our next trip?? mt ruapehu, perhaps?? haa haa



  1. chik yang tak jeles

    Haaaa tauu pun addicted to skiii.. kalau tau basic and dah tere naik tinggi2, memang addicted kann? iskk cik pun rindula ski.. takpala lepas ni cik ajak shamsul dgn budak kecik pi ski lah k. hehe

    • huserk

      cik, kalau cik gila ski n suka NZ yg cantik giler, dok la christchurch ada canterbury uni or lincon uni, dia pekan agak besar tp best dari wellington or auckland. husna suka ka christchurch, tak serabut sgt yet mcm2 adaa.. tempat skit pun xjauh~

  2. chik yang tak jeles

    cik baru pikir buat phd local ja husna sbb tak cukup duit utk anak. Kena tambah banyak lagi duit utk nursery. Dgr kata ada subsidi tapi tak surelah, husna tanyakan boleh?

  3. chik yang tak jeles

    tak takut ka travel sorang2

    • huserk

      tak takut kalau NZ, rasa slamat so far, lgpun best gak dpt pgalaman backpacker sensorg hehe


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