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Down to the beautiful south island NZ (part2)

Salam..hello howdy~

Let me refresh my memory and continue my journey down to the south. Well my journal do help me a lot to describe things I did during my 10 days tour.. and yeap.. the photos below can melt the heart of those people who loves beauty of the NZ’s natures.

alright guys.. DAY 7

I supposed to take bus at 840am from queenstown to Christchurch, but I cant. hehe..I was stranded in Queenstown, all the roads to and from Queenstown were blocked due to the heavy snow last night. At first I was apprehensive, thinking of staying another night in Queenstown? Oh no, I have to go to Christchurch by today cause I have already planned to go to Hanmer Spring with Olivia, tomorrow morning. We cant postpone to another day because she is going back to Palmy by flight on the next morning. Well.. I went to i-sight and booked another bus at 3pm, and if the ice on the road was able to be cleared by noon, then I can continue my trip to Christchurch. heheee.. well.. actually it was a relief for me, I would love to get later bus than early morning so that I can walk around the town and enjoyed the scenery over there. Queenstown is my favourite place so far. It is beautiful and i feel safe to walk alone even at night. Well.. it is a tourist town.. so no wonder why i really like it.

Ahaa.. so what did I do while waiting for the next bus? I walked around the town and took some photos for sure.. what’s more? haha.. ICE SKATING! yayyy.. Ive been asking my friends to play ice-skating before but they seem not be interested. Oh yeah, before that I watched the Ice Age 3 movie in the cinema. I think it was not as good or funny as ice-age 1 and 2. Anyway, some photos of Queenstown:


Yay.. the ice has been cleared and I managed to take bus to Christchurch! The bus departed from Queenstown around 430pm and arrived Christchuch late night around 1 am. Thanks to Olivia and her mother for picking me up late night in Christchurch. Actually, Iย  planned to stay in any backpacker or motel but her mother insist me to stay overnight at their house so that we can easily go to Hanmer spring on the next morning. Oh yeah, the bus was horrible, so uncomfortable and very narrow space..hohoo.. but yaa.. anyway, I was glad, finally, I can make it to Christchurch.

Day 8

Hanmer Spring Thermal Pool situated in an alpine village of Hanmer Springs, at the north of Christchurch. I went there with Olivia and her mother, Christine. Her mother is so energetic and funny sometimes. She drove us all the way to hanmer spring for about 2 hours and return back to Christchurch. The road was very foggy and hardly to see other car. Well…Thank you ์—„๋งˆ (um ma). We spent for about 3 hours relaxing in the variety of pools over there, surrounded by beautiful native landscaping.

olivia n meP1060493

Back in Christchurch, her mother brought me to some Asian and Korean shops to buy some food to prepare for dinner. Her mother is a good chef since she used to open a Korean restaurant in Christchurch. I helped her mother preparing the food and cant wait to eat Korean dishes. hehee. We have Korean nigiri sushi (raw fish on rice ball) and some vegetables for dinner, eating by using chopstick. hehe.. it was not very hard using chopstick as i am quite used to it.

Day 9

We have a heavy and delicious breakfast! Glutenous rice mix with read bean and barley, chillies, seaweed and kimchi. Uhh.. it was delicious.. wohaa.. her mother should open a restaurant in Palmy and I bet I will be a regular customer. hahaaa.. After breakfast, her mother sent me to i-sight and then sent Olivia to the airport for her flight. ‘kahn sah ham nida’ THANK YOU Olivia and um-ma for the hospitality. I am really2 appreciate and really meant it. Thanks again!

Okay..what did I do then? I checked in coachman backpackers and then went to a weekly market near the art centre. Oh yeah.. I really recommended coachman backpackers to anyone especially single female traveler. It is safe, nice and comfortable accommodation. Ill definitely stay in coachman if I come to Christchurch again. Alright, there was an attractive show of a men cycling a mono wheel bike by the side of the market. have a look~


I joined a half-day tour to enjoy the highlights of Christchurch. We went through the city central, Cashmere hill (we can view the whole Christchurch up from this hill), Port Hills and around Lyttelton Harbour and Sumner beach. I met Amy, a girl from Australia, we have dinner together with her after the tour. She’s a very nice girl and glad to have a new friend from other country. Well.. she was very curious about Islam and Ive tried my best to explain and answer all questions from her.



Day 10

Just walk around the city while waiting for time to fly back at 430pm. There’s an event at the Cathedral Square ; lots of primary school students sell their toys and cookies. Departed form Christchurch and arrived Wellington around 600pm. Took a bus to the Wellington’s railway station to catch another bus at 750pm. Alhamdulillah, back to Palmy safely and have a long rest…


Actually, i planned to go to Greymouth-Nelson-Picton, and yeah.. as I mentioned before, my body not allowed me to.. heheee

Holaa… that’s all.. so what’s next? Fiji? I hope so..hehheeee



  1. karim


    impressive shots~! ๐Ÿ™‚ great writeup btw, have a great day~



  2. drmshukri

    Wah anakku hebat …. after a “long hard days work” throughout the semester you deserved a good rest. So next year gi round sekali lagi bersama famili.
    Kak Maj akan fly to Bintulu esok for her Dip in Vertinary Sciences … at last dapat juga. Take good care. Love you. Ayah


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