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I want to run but I cant, due to knee ligament injury on my right leg. There are four knee ligaments and I don’t know which one is injured, or maybe two of them? I always hear popping sound on my knee.. and I always feel pain when I walk, climb up or down stairs and of course when I run..  well.. I can run, but it looks weird when i run.. and Ill definitely feel more pain after run.

What to do?

Went to the medical centre, meet a physio and do treatments which includes: ice pack application, protective knee brace or knee band and muscle strengthening exercise. Ouhh..

Why it happened?

I think it is a long-term impact. Ive been feeling pain for years but just ignore it and just take it easy. Well… since Ive been doing middle distance running for a year, I can feel more pain day by day. Until today…which doc ask me to stop running for a while.. ouuhh..maybe ill start cycling and do more swimming. I cant even play basketball very well, especially when I try to lay-up, it hurts. ouhh..

Back to the past,

I was a goal keeper for my hand ball team in school..and always did stunt action to save the ball.. I was actively playing basketball from high school till university and always fell down and hurt my knees, esp the right one..

I also had climb up several mountains (twice kinabalu, mt api, mt jerai) and several hills (in penang and sabah)..which may likely cause knee pain..

all of these have given bad impact to my knee.. ouhh


I went travelling for 10 days carrying super duper heavy backpack which put lots of pressure on my knee.. I played ski for a day and again,  it put more pressure on my knee.. while my knee was in bad condition, I just ignored it.. and even ran for about 5km around Christchurch city on my last day traveling.. and then back to Palmy, I ran 400m for the atletic track event in Bersatu Games. All these things put more pressure on my legs and as a result my knee getting worse and it hurts.. ouuhh

Im planning to run in Manawatu Striders 10km run on 16th August.. but i think I have to forget about it.. or maybe just participate in the walking event.. so sad-lah.. ouhh

What to do, just be patient and need to reduce my daily physical activity during this recovery time. The doc even ask me to use lift instead of stair, which I hate most.. i rarely use lift if there is a stair.. ouhh

I have to control my diet but it hard for me.. know.. all yummy foods full in the refrigerator and on the table in our kitchen..hah hah.. well.. it’s all up to me.. whether to become a whale or an ant. so far I choose a baby whale.. ouhh

I must change..but when? as my dad always say..



climb up mount Jerai, walking distance from my home back in Msia. Wif ajwad(my little bro), my elder bro, bancik and his wife (kak intan)

climb up mount Jerai, walking distance from my home back in Msia. Wif ajwad(my little bro), my elder bro, bancik and his wife (kak intan)



  1. ayu

    salah kami ke diet kak husna x mnjd?

    *muka brsalah*

    -noha guna nama dan laptop ayu-

    • huserk

      xdak salah sapa2, silalah buat byk2 cheese cake..i love.. hahahaaa

  2. salam, yeah2! jogging2, lari2, lompat2, bunyi2, lama2 jdi katak! he2, gurau jer……. kkna still kingkong ker?!?

  3. Bornwell

    This is sad indeed. I can only wish you a quick recovery. I equally feel some pains in my knees (especially the right one) after a game of soccer. May be because it is the one that is active in the game. The left one is merely for balance and so doesn’t get much impact. I think, I better go for check up as well.

    Just continue the normal rest and dont eat much to maintain the ‘baby whale’ body.

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