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activated again~ ski trip

Salam and Hello again,

I went for a ski trip last Sunday. The weather was quite bad, snowing and raining thoughout the day. no sunshine at all.. but we managed to make a snowman named Mr Sunshine  (photos below). to hani, lutfi, sharina, noha, ayu, laily for a cute and lovely Mr sunshine. hehe..

I enjoyed skiing but cant spend too much time due to the weather. Anyway, I really enjoyed the trip with all those cheerful friends that made up my day. So.. BIG THANKS to all of you, lutfi, fifi, ayu, zuria, nuha, laili, sharina and hani.

Oh yeah, we went for the ski/snowboard at the Turoa ski area of Mt Ruapehu. Last year, I went to the Whakapapa ski area and I think the facilities and ski areas are better than the Turoa. To know more, jump in to the Mt Ruapehu’s website, the NZ’s largest ski and snowboard area. Heee.. im thinking to go again during this coming spring break.

I love ski and addicted to it! hahaaa 😀


with Hani, she'll go back home for good :(

with Hani, she'll go back home for good 😦



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  1. snow
    lame xjengok ur blog ni
    neway t8 care yerr
    bile nk lari2 lg??
    nk dgr ur story plak

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