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Monthly Archives: August, 2009

world heritage in sabah ; sipadan

heyya.. Ive been studying in sabah for about 4 years, and now, i miss sabah so much. I love sabah… great place, great people and great natures! There are so many great places that ive been in Sabah, not once, but several times. one of those great places is… SIPADAN. Ive been to sipadan twice, …

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back to Him

assalamualaikum.. peace be upon you… I was so surprised… and very sad… My beloved friend, Alin, Nurfadzlin bt Abu Hassan.. has passed away on 16th of August 2009, back to where we belong to, Allah swt. She involved in an accident at Air Keroh, on the way back from her convocation day in UTM, Johor …

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steps to jannatul firdaus~

Salam and Hi, I would like to share a very good article with you all,  written by my sister, Nabilah. Best multi-level marketing ever! (spiritual version) How to get the highest level to Jannah (paradise /heaven)? Most malay (Malaysian people)  or any other muslim would probably just say, dapat masuk syurga pun dah ok, takyah …

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