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steps to jannatul firdaus~

Salam and Hi,

I would like to share a very good article with you all,  written by my sister, Nabilah.

Best multi-level marketing ever! (spiritual version)

How to get the highest level to Jannah (paradise /heaven)? Most malay (Malaysian people)  or any other muslim would probably just say, dapat masuk syurga pun dah ok, takyah ler aim for the best (manage to get into the heaven is just enough, no need to aim for the highest, jannah). But Allah has ordered us to ask from Him the best, and ask for the best Jannah, that is Jannatul Firdaus.

So how do one go about doing this? Say one prays, fast, all year long, goes to hajj every year, and gets really rich and spend all of his/her money in charity, we are still limited to the 60-70 years (maybe) of our lives.

One plan is the MLM plan, multi-level marketing plan. If you teach someone a useful knowledge (say how to pray) and then the person teaches 10 others, and they all teach 10 others… you get my point. its a piramid and you are at the top. And you never know one of person in the line might be a great teacher and taught thousands, and all goes into your account. The best part is that you will still get payment years after you die.

So teachers out there, you might be a bit poor compared to other business man, but rest assured, you are VERY rich, if you teach with the right intention…

Just wanna say thank you to all my teachers (family, friends, scholar, etc), may Allah reward you with the highest jannah.

(*Thanks KAK)

photo by along

photo by along

MLM is like a WEb, we are in the center and hope to spread the words to the world wide web.

Okay guys, let’s invest in the amanah saham msia ‘hereafter’ starting from now..   –> amanah saham akhirat 🙂 daaa~


  1. jingga_7

    betul2…memang benar, sebab tu perkongsian ilmu sangat best..lebih2 ilmu yang bermanfaat dan kekal hingga akhirnya.. bak kata Ar Rasul kita yang agong SAW, balighuni wa lau ayah.. sampaikan lah walau satu ayat.. bile duk sampaikan dan berterusan, pastinya kita mendapat utung yang berterusan.. ;). perniagaan yang takkan rugi.. da~

  2. Thats the spirit Kak Husna! I support you.

    You don’t know how significant such simple teachings can be to someone else, like just teaching a child to say bismillah. It could change his/her life. In economic terms it would be called multi level marketing, in biochemistry, we call it the phosphorylation cascade. Its like the domino effect, when one thing leads to another. I like all these analogies.

    Our Prophet PBUH encouraged us to spread beneficial knowledge to others. He said: Even an ant in its hole and fish in the depth of the sea, invoke blessings on a scholar who teaches people goodness. [Tirmidhi]


  3. Aku tak payah cakap apa dah.. dah cukup explanation tu.. 🙂

    ~blog pun salah satu medium utk berdakwah.. jadi marilah kita saling ingat-mengingatkan..

  4. Hmmmm.. Task for all Muslim…

  5. namasayanoha

    kak husna,well said.:)

  6. thanks serk for this post.. sgt berguna.most important is our sincerity trhdp ilmu yg disampaikan..insyaAllah membawa berkat wat sume.. amin..:-)

  7. zuria

    “husna yang baik hati”

    nice post!

  8. huserk

    All my friends, sharing is caring~ lets spread the knowledge together~

  9. salam, syukran atas ,maklumat ye kak n kakna =)

  10. teeRa

    Inspiring.. a great post.
    let’s invest for the hereafter! 😉

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