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assalamualaikum.. peace be upon you…

I was so surprised… and very sad…

My beloved friend, Alin, Nurfadzlin bt Abu Hassan.. has passed away on 16th of August 2009, back to where we belong to, Allah swt. She involved in an accident at Air Keroh, on the way back from her convocation day in UTM, Johor to KL. What I heard is, she was in the car with her fiance and her parents (im not sure), but her fiance survived, so did her parents.

Here, I would also like to express my sympathy to her family and her fiance. May Allah bless Alin and her family. Amin.

Alin, she was one of my close friend in matgwar (sek men sains sultan mohd jiwa 1997-1002).. she was my classmate and we used to hang out together sometimes. I still remember the moment I went to her house, and met her family in Shah Alam. I went to bukit jalil with alin and her sister to watch Msian team playing hockey in the commonwealth games 1998. That was a sweet memory of mine, worth spending precious time together.

Alin, a sweet friend of mine. I will always remember you and pray for you.. Allah loves you more.. insyaAllah..

And..dear my madGwarian friends, please keep on praying for arwah Osman as well.. he is a very good friend of mine. He always be good to everyone, anyone anytime…He always lend me his hand whenever i need it. I have owed you many things and can only pay back to you with my prayer and dua’. I miss him and will always pray for him. InsyaAllah..

May peace be upon Alin and Osman.. and please, all muslim out there, please pray for both of them, Al-fatihah.


Hmm.. lately i like to hear lots of speech by Dr Zakir Naik. He has a very broad knowledge about religion, either Islam, Christian, Hindu or Buddha… he knows all the detail regarding all those religions. He even memorised the whole Holy Al-Quran, bible, or even encyclopedia.. and for sure lots of hadith.

this is one of my favourite… It is only 9 minutes long and definitely worth your time.

Interesting isnt it?

Okay. see ya later~

(thinking to update bout my other experiences in sabah since many people google about mulu trip and end up by reading my blog, yepp..many peeps also were googling bout NZ south island, thanks 4 reading!)


  1. -aza-

    hmm innalillahi wainna ilahi rajiun…
    aza dapat msg dari roomate dia masa kat matrik lu…
    rasa baru aritu je balas reply kat page husna ni…
    Ust Asri pon dah kembali…

    *sad mode*

    Semoga roh2 mereka ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yg mendapat RahmatNya…


  2. caffeine escapade

    I got this news from u, huserk previously through YM …
    It’s hard for me to believe at first and I am very2 sad
    Me & Alin were classmates + matgwar’s netball team..
    reading this entry make me to remember all the great bitter sweet memories with her.
    May she lives peacefully there.

  3. innalillah. ku rasa macam tak berapa kenal Alin tu, mebi sebab die budak baik kot, x nakal cam huserk. cari2 gak brita kemalangan tu online, tade plak.

    and may i ask, Osman ni yang mana satu ek? ade x blog dia? gambar? rase cam kenal.. familiar with dat name in ur batch. hurmm

    • huserk

      salam edotz,
      alin tu main netball. a ah baik orgnya bukan nakal mcm huserk..hehe. nak tgok gamba masuk blog dia kat link tepi, ‘alin’ dan ada byk blog2 lain creta pasal dia, just tgok link friends kat blog arwah.

      osman dah meninggal lama, masa kami form 4, dia jenis lelaki yg sopan orgnya, penah masuk band masa kitorang form 1 and 2. blog mana ada sbb zaman dulu2 email pun baru wujud.hee..

  4. Moga roh Arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang beriman.. Al Fatihah..

  5. salam kakna, wah, dr. zakir naik tahu byk ttg agama ya, sampaikan agama lain pun tahu juga.. bgus la)alhamdulillah.. kakna rajin tengok.

  6. i will like to share a website about Zakir NAik. All u need nee d to know about Zakir Naik ! A prominent islamic scholar.

    • huserk

      Salam, thanks a lot. Ive put it in the fav blog category. Ive been searching for his blog before this, and got it at last.. many thanks! jazakAllah

  7. See this site A very interesting site about Zakir Naik who’s speeches made may non-muslims to convert to Islam

    • huserk

      thanks. Ive seen the blogs and following it right now. Ive put the link under the category of fav blog in my blog here.

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