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world heritage in sabah ; sipadan


Ive been studying in sabah for about 4 years, and now, i miss sabah so much. I love sabah… great place, great people and great natures!

There are so many great places that ive been in Sabah, not once, but several times. one of those great places is…

SIPADAN. Ive been to sipadan twice, it was amazing! snorkeling overthere was great, we can see lots of turtle, EVERYWHERE! and even sharks, small one. and great BARAKUDA point! If you go to sipadan, you can stay in Mabul or Kapalai islands, which both are very beautiful islands. and there are also nice diving and snorkeling sites near mabul and kapalai islands.

Sipadan is in the top 10 of the world’s best diving place. Sipadan is even being recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO. amazing right.

have a look at this video,Β Trets aka ATHIRAH, aku suggest hang p SIPADAN wehh!!Β  nanti aku nak p diving sini lagi..heeee BESHH WOOOO.. jummm! tp aku nak p fiji jugak hehe

well… other than sipadan, there are many great places and many exciting things to do is Sabah!

ill tell you guys more in the next entry, perhaps. malas pulop nak cerita skarg. hehe

oh yeah, we were lucky;Β  during our trip to sipadan, we had a chance to join the regatta lepa-lepa festival in semporna.

Regatta Lepa-lepa, Semporna (photo by along)

Regatta Lepa-lepa, Semporna (photo by along)

cheers n later..

last but not least, SALAM RAMADHAN to everyone~ πŸ™‚


  1. Cantikkkkkkkk sungguh… Memang nak ge sini nanti….. πŸ˜‰
    salam ramadhan gak Nurul Husna πŸ™‚

  2. makcu

    selamat berpuasa!!!

  3. huserk

    thanks kamil and makcu, selamat berpuasa jugaaaa…
    bestnya puasa kat msiaaaaa makcu πŸ˜›

  4. Iz

    tanak sponsor honeymoon aku g sini ke?

    • huserk

      ui… ke hang sponsor aku kawen dlu, aku pun duit xckup lagi, hehe.. tp nak suh aku jd honeymoon planner hang kat sabah boley ar. πŸ˜›

      • munie

        hahahha lawakkkk honeymoon planner kat sabah nooo πŸ˜› best wooo munie nk g honeymoon kat sabah aa.

  5. caffeine escapade

    sipadan beb.. cinta sama sipadan.. :p
    sipadan mmg among my top 3 utk p diving.. mmg tgh mengumpul2 duit nk p sana (tah bila nk cukup) … jom arr nnti p sama2..
    sgt jealous okayy ko dh p sipadan twice? twice? huh! jealous2.. ;p
    aishh.. camna ni…kena budget baik punya..fiji lg..huhu
    oh yaa.. salam ramadhan to u too.

    • huserk

      heheh sabaq trets sabaq.. mmg best pun wahahaha.. even snorkling ble nampak mcm org diving, tp diving lg superb laaaa 4 sure. money back guarantee wa ckp beb.

  6. wah wah. sipadan ni sure best kan? me LOIKE!

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