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nice double weekends

Weekend 1 : (29-31 August 2009)

I went to Wellington with sharina and aysha. Stayed at Ida’s room for 3 nights. thanks so much to Ida for the hospitality 🙂 You are welcome to Palmy, anytime u want!

Went to Amal Palestine Roadshow. Really glad to hear the speech from Dr Zinur Rashid, about the history of Palestin and his experience travelling to Palestine. Learn so many new things about the history, real life of Palestine and the politics between hamas and fatah. Credit to the organizer and all people who involved in this roadshow. We made a small poster, a message to the world:

our message to the worldtangan

The next day, we joined the Lot of The Ring tour. Went to the best 7 locations in both North & South of Wellington.  Well, photos can describe more than words :


we are 3 hobbits! haha

we are 3 hobbits! haha


Weekend 2: 5-6 Sept 2009

Adiba from Auckland came to Palmy, welcome to Palmy my friend~

So, we planned a last minute trip –> went to Ashhurst. Noha & Sharina joined the club. heeee. So, what did we do? Went to the Songbird garden, springgrove farm and wind farm. We really enjoyed the trip!!

Songbird garden:

From the website, ” Songbird gardens are mystical, magical and full of surprises. Tranquil, idyllic and filled with birds. In Spring there are daffodils everywhere, a bluebell wood, and rhodendrons and camellias producing glorious displays”

YES it true, it is a beautiful garden. Very nice to hear the song of birds, they were chirping everywhere. plus, a stunning view up from the hill. There is a small beautiful, unique and romantic cottage, $110 per night. It is a very calm and peaceful place. I wish my parents were there too. here are some photos:


spring grove farm park :

Hands on experience playing and feeding with sheeps, goats, chincillas, deer, highland steers, llama, pony, donkeys, cats and dogs, ostrich and many moreeee. Yeah, and pigs too.. glad the pigs are in the cage, heh heh heh. Fantastic view is a bonus!

Again, photos photos photos :


Te Apiti Windfarm:

It is the Meridian Energy’s first NZ wind farm. The wind generates energy; 1 of the energy sources in NZ.


Okay, back to reality, time for assignment. bye for now


  1. Noha

    sronoklah tu berjalan2.:p
    nnt pegilh berbasikal ke windfam.hahaha

  2. aini

    Wahh…!!! seronoknyer..

  3. OHHH best gilak. Jeles 😦

    • huserk

      sori, kalau tau aysha xjd ikut bole je ajak fairuz, aysha cancel last minute pg tu juga. xpa lainkali insyaAllah

  4. caffeine escapade

    I wish I can go jalan2..
    need a break badly.. 😦
    suka tgk gmbr ko feed sheep tu.. comel angatttt!

  5. karim

    salams 🙂

    wahhh, cun gilos gambo~!! 🙂 blue sky 🙂 wahhh, memang smart~!! 🙂
    selamat membaca jurnal dan naik beskal 🙂



    • huserk

      thanks karim, kan best kalau ble jenjalan n nek beskel skali 😛

  6. Noha

    kali ke-2 kak husna cakap nak naek basikal sama2 dengan karim.:p

  7. huserk

    wawah… ada pula org prasan ya.. hehehe
    nak wat cmana, karim tu kan hensem..hahahahahahah

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