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11 9 revealed?

Assalamualaikum , peace be upon you all.

im sleepy, but i think i have to write smthing here..

Today is 11 September 2009. Well.. 11 9 is a popular number, a history date, which two airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade centre (WTC) in NY, USA. It happened in 2001, and at that time I was at home, woke up in the early morning and shocked with the news on tv. Me, my mom and my brother were so shocked seeing the airplanes crashed into the building in tv, and I bet all peeps around the world were shocked with that incidence as well. The twin tower collapsed and several buildings destroyed. Many people killed and injured. Pity for the innocent people that have been killed and badly injured.

The questions here are… how did the twin tower can easily been collapsed? Is there any additional bombs in the building? The architects and engineers even mentioned it cant easily collapsed just because of the airplanes crashed into it. Why there is no Jews in the building (im not sure about this)? Why the super duper advance technology of the US cant detect the airplane flying towards the WTC and pentagon?? I bet their technology can even detect a very little object, even smaller than a bird. but why the airplanes seems easily flying toward pentagon? Is this logic? why? how? who? there are too many questions which are unsolved.

Who did it? I dont know.. world still dont know. there is no solid proof, just prime suspects?

George W Bush accused muslim terrorist, and since that incidence, some people see islam as the terrorist religion. Pity for them, they do not know the beautiful of life in islam, but they just followed the US media such as CNN or other media that stand on the Bush/american side. But some people also have got to know islam better when they try to seek for truth, and found that Islam is the way of life and a truth religion.

There are also many people said it is inside job, GW Bush himself involved in this secret conspiracy project. Well I dont know. I just heard and read too many explanations and theories regarding this incidence. How about Osama b Laden? I dont know. Is he a terrorist? I dont even know. Is Bush a terrorist? Hey, that I can say YES. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, thousands of innocent people died, many civilians died, lost their home, their family and friends. Because of whom? G W Bush sent US army to attack those countries with reasons to counteract terrorists and searching for Osama and Sadam, but hey, who is the terrorist now haa? He did it was just for the sake of the oil in those countries. Plus, power and money to conquer the world. Im not saying this because im muslim and im not american. We can even think logically, we knew something wrong is happening outside there. Well, even americans know, lots of them even hate Bush. That’s one of the factor for the Obama’s victory. They are tired with Bush-kind-of people. People now know better. Well..although there are still some conspiracies saying negative things about Obama, but hey, he is hell better than Bush, So far. He at least showed his respect to muslim countries, to muslim people, and can even quote certain ayah from koran, one of it from surah Maidah, 3:54. He even host an iftar event for muslim people in white house. that is something good and better than Bush, So far. So we hope for a better future. The world now are thirsty for truth!

Today, a sister from Iraq came to the Islamic centre with her mother for iftar (break the fast). They are refugee from Iraq, well actually from Palestine. Her mother originated from palestine, but has been chased by zionist out of their own country. We asked them about the real situation in Iraq at the moment. They said there is no clean water, no electricity, no major construction in most part of Iraq. She even told us that her cousins were kidnapped and killed by US army. People have been killed, raped, tortured and many other bad things are happening in Iraq, by whom? mostly by the US army. Im so sorry and sad to hear about that. We were glad that she and her mother and part of their families are safe in NZ, Malaysia and in another part of the world. Let’s pray for them and for all our sisters and brothers out there, who are suffering and surviving in their own land. InsyaAllah.

Killing and toturing of innocent people is forbidden in Islam. It even be mentioned many times in Qur’an, one of it in Maidah 5:32. Many muslim scholars opposed the killing of innocent people on september 11 and also the bombing incident in London. And yet, Zionist and US army should stop killing innocent people in Iraq, Palestin, Aqfanistan, Sudan or anywhere in the world. All terrorist or any gang should stop killing each other, stop killing civilian people, stop all those miserable things.

Hoping for a peaceful world.

And Dr Zakir Naik could give much more better explanation regarding the september 11 incident :

Correct me if there is something wrong in my writing. thanks for reading. ja-ne, maasalamah, adios amigos, daaa..


  1. Ayesha :)

    Wow. an amazing piece u’ve added to ur blog!

  2. salam kkna, ahah btul larr artikel yg nice =).. truskan mncari kbenaran! ALLAHUAKBAR! tahu dh kar yg wartawan iran bling kasut kt bush tu esok akn dbebaskn. moga dprmudahkn urusan pmbebasannya..ariffah dgar kt radio ikim laa.. blog yg gen3 stailoo tu ada lagu islam bukan terrorist..apapun, thniah ats artikel yg bgus ni…. haha,jgn kembang2 lbih plk..

    • huserk

      apa la ariffah, apa yg nak dikembangkan. blog utk diluahkan pemikiran n isi hati n pengalaman, saja share2 utk smua~ kebenaran? ilmu mmg utk dicari dan difaham dan ini takkan putus selagi nyawa masih ada, insyaAllah

  3. karim


    well said πŸ™‚



  4. papion

    Its the work of the iluminati, free manson n zionist is just a part of it..WTC bombing is part of the legal start for the new world orde..and this society is actually been around since Nabi Musa.Generation after generation this satan prayer will suceed if people still live in ignorant and selfish..and be sure to know free manson is so strong in New Zealand..their lodge are everywhere..even in Palmerston Norh.

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