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Knowledge is powerful ~ ~ Experience is meaningful ~ ~ So,Cherish every moment! ~ ~


im still searching.. and keep searching..and havent got the answer yet.

and hv been thinking so many things…

May Allah give me courage and guidance. Amin

Oh yeah, searching something for my mom’s birthday. Any idea?

Ive bought a dress, but then, just realised that it is too big, so gonna find another one. Well.. Palmy is too small and nothing much. hoho



  1. Noha

    haha.klau btul2 nk bli bj,cr kt kdi yg mmg jual bj..owh,bli alat kemas yg brmatakn apa yerk nmnya..yg jual kt kdi souvenier tu.

  2. karim


    life is a journey 🙂
    dont be sad, sadness make ur regret bout ur past, give mischieving bout the future and waste ur present 🙂
    may Allah bless you



  3. Iz

    mmg susah nk cr present utk mak.. tu pasal aku nk bg dia adiah special – menantu.. wahahha..

  4. kakkongkang

    yer…. dari dulu sgt dilemma… apakah hadiah terbaik utk mak.

  5. brooch would be nice.. carik yg satu set…
    crystal pon cantik.. 🙂

    By d way, don’t worry too much or think too much…
    Doa and semayg sentiasa…
    percayalah, Allah sayang kat kita, Allah sure akan bg petunjuk nnt… 🙂
    take care…

    Selamat Hari Raya..!!

  6. budak baik

    yeahh stillll….

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