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Eidulfitri mubara’ in Palmy

Salam, i would like to wish~

Eidul Mubarak & Selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin.

Me, in Palmerston North, Nz, Alhamdulillah, celebrated eidulfitiri with friends here.

A day before raya (eid):

Went to sakura festival and made some raya cookies.


some of our cookies for eid celebration :


Last day of Ramadhan and the 1st night of Syawal :


Also open house at Kak Sha’s house that night:


Morning of Syawal. Prayed Eidul Fitri in the Palmy arena stadium hall. Some photos with girlfriends and my housemate:


Open house at some of postgraduate’s family; kak Ila + abg Ziad, kak Nina + abg Pudin, kak Norzam & husband,  and kak Lin.



And so called ‘open house’ at my house (not many photos, very busy at that time larr) heee


Till night.. greeting and eating and celebrating..

Meriah kan?

ok hope u enjoy yours. THANKS to those who wish me ramadhan and aidilfitri via texts, cards, FB, email etc. Special thanks to Kak for special postcard from UK, thanks Along, for 3 kad raya (i like), thanks Nadia for kad raya from msia.

ouh.. wish mak ayah and my whole family are here in NZ celebrating raya during this wonderful spring time!



  1. Noha

    Selamat hari raya kak husna.:p

  2. salam..
    selamat hari raya aidilfitri..”)

  3. ajat

    selamat hari raya serk.
    maaf zahir batin =)

  4. husnaaa..ok dak kueh tuh?i mean byk tak yg suke?heheh

  5. huserk

    meshti laaa shedappppppp… ramee pun sukoooo 😛 thanks!

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