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Monthly Archives: October, 2009

cycling with noha

Heyyaa.. Went cycling with Noha today. Bike along the Manawatu river. Just need some fresh air and natural environment to relax ourselves after struggling with works and study. It was fun and really enjoyed it. The scenery is so beautiful. We even saw a huge wonderful rainbow. yeayy updated: Cycling for about 11.5km and went …

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heyyaaa.. im participating in a cycling event; the Lions Tour de Manawatu Cycle Challenge this November, 2009~ This is my first ever event that i’m going to participate in NZ, and hope will be joining more cycing or running events in the future. This is just the beginning of my Sizuka heee heee.. ahaa.. ive …

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simple thing

I dont really want a lot of things from people around me, or important people in my life but just an appreciation. It is just a very simple thing but yet meaningful. i hope i do show appreciate to all people around me. thanks everyone for those who always cheer up my life. please, say …

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colourful life

No matter what other people do or intend to do, never look down on them, although it seems like a small matter for us, but maybe it is something big/ special/important for them. Support them or at least, show respect. Never look DOWN… ever. Although someone act cool or always seems like he/she never care …

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want to…

run tramp bike fiji but now.. writing a long review and.. reading lots lots of long journal articles huhh.. sabar ya..

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I have too many plans in mind.. and it keep on changing time by time My life now is uncertain, havent got all my exam results yet, still not clear with my research project and feeling so hard to understand all those scientific + medical journal articles. Thinking about going back to basic. Other than …

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