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I have too many plans in mind.. and it keep on changing time by time

My life now is uncertain, havent got all my exam results yet, still not clear with my research project and feeling so hard to understand all those scientific + medical journal articles. Thinking about going back to basic. Other than that… Ive tried running 2 days ago and still feeling pain on my knee.. i really want to hit the ground back again, because the feeling of running is sooo good, esp in NZ. So sad..

I have to face everything with enthusiasm and will try my best and not to let anyone down, esp my parents, my bestfriend along and of coz UPM and KPT lah..hehe.. Life goes on and we are the one who determine our future undertakings.

To allow possibilities and opportunities in your life remember to keep your doors open…

Along always advise me to strive very hard to achieve what ever we want in life. Although it is so hard to get it, so, we have to use all possibilities wisely and grab all opportunities in life, always open your mind and be optimistic~ yeahh

Mak n Ayah, all your words and advices will always be in mind. Ayah, I still remember the 3M that u said to me on the first day I entered university, UMS. ‘Jaga n Ingat 3M: Maha Esa, Mak ayah and Maruah.’ If I tell my dad how hard is my studies are now, he likes to tease me ‘cemtu la blajaq, jadi student, kalau takmau, balik kawen lah. hehehe‘.

And now..

ill try my best on whatever i’ve had now

and I’m into biking now.. n maybe swimming

and will be waiting and keep on waiting of what ive been waiting for..

p/s not to forget, Noha, you make me feel good today 😛 thanks dear~

happy time with family n friends
happy time with family n friends


  1. Noha

    haha.go go Kak Husna.
    keep your door opens.:D

    • huserk

      sila masuk, dekat je bilik kite 😛

  2. go huserk!
    serk, research project aku pn tak clear lagi~
    pdhal dah masuk thn 3 ni.
    i am student and i am married!
    so aku takde option untuk balik n kawen lagi.

    all the best ok =)
    cheer up =D

    • huserk

      heheeh.. klaka la xda option tu heheheh. thanks!

  3. jojoeali

    bila nak balek kawen tu, bagitau ja aku. aku leh tulong ayah hang prepare, sementara nak tunggu ang balek. hehe.

    grip on strong bebeh.

  4. Husna,
    Bukan 3M tetapi 4M. “M” ke empat ingat “Matlamat”
    Fair enough ?

  5. Uhum. Cik Nurul Husna suda kena smash.
    4M = Maha Esa – Mama – Maruah – Matlamat : Checked.

    Salam, uncle! (‘-^)

  6. huserk

    hee.. ye ayah, 4M. sbenarnya rasa mcm 4M tp telupa apa M lg satu..haha kantoi~ baiklah, skarg kena set up matlamat baru..heee 😛

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