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colourful life

No matter what other people do or intend to do, never look down on them, although it seems like a small matter for us, but maybe it is something big/ special/important for them. Support them or at least, show respect. Never look DOWN… ever.

Although someone act cool or always seems like he/she never care or mind about anything that people said about him/her, but dont underestimate him/her. He/She still has heart and feeling, and no one never know what deep inside in his/her heart is.  At least, show respect that he/she manages to being cool and choose not to make other people feel bad. well.. dont underestimate anyone, no matter what he/she does or thought about something.


Dont always compare yourself with other people, in term of education level, money, life, family, love, or anything in this world. Every people has their on pathway of life, has their own decision and has their own plan. And not to forget, every people has diferent life background which may affect their attitude and belief as well.

and I have my own life, my own interest (although it always different from others) and my own thoughts. well.. my life decision is never clear, until I can reach certain level and hope can make a rigid and clear plan in life. this is what we call ‘step by step.. ouh babehhh’ (nyanyi pulak)

I will try to respect people or try to think positive on other people, and again, be optimistic in anything. We were born with different talents and gifts and were upbringing with different life backgrounds. therefore, the differences among us is actually will colour up our life and affect our environments. So.. make your life colourful, open up your heart and always let your mind accepting other people by being optimistic in everything.

I know, sometimes there is boundary/limit, but hey, give a try. at least u try to cheer up your life and other people life. Even a smile can make his/her day meaningful. I didnt mean that we need to do something for anyone, but at least show a respect to everyone, no matter age, background, or whatever.

be happy and dont worry 🙂

Make your life significant to others rather than hoping people to always being good to you, while you are not trying being very good to others. ‘Give and take’ is right, but better stand for this ‘Give more, take less’

Hidup ini biarlah sentiasa memberi daripada menerima – words form the Laskar Pelangi movie

happy faces~ kaklinda, kak n me :) (Simpang mengayau, tip of borneo, Sabah)

happy faces: kaklinda, kak n me (Simpang mengayau, tip of borneo, Sabah)


  1. ceo seri manggis

    Husna, best la filem Laskar Pelangi. How do I get VCD (kalau tak boleh DVD sebab VCD mudah nak potong … you know what I mean !). I watched it on SIA Singapore – Jeddah. I also need one more Indon film Denias (based on true story this one). Both are inspiring, motivating … ada class, except that for Denia I haven’t seen it yet except their reviews.

    Your last two write up … lain macam bunyi … but I understand. Somebody berkenaan bila baca patut faham. But believe me orang macam tu tak akan faham bahasa2 cam tu. Dia kena terus terang … buak sebiji atas muka … baru faham. That’s life and I’m glad you’re learningt fast.
    CEO Seri Manggis

  2. wushu

    you are very correct dear…

    indeed, life is beautiful.. when we earn the happiness from others..

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