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im participating in a cycling event; the Lions Tour de Manawatu Cycle Challenge this November, 2009~

This is my first ever event that i’m going to participate in NZ, and hope will be joining more cycing or running events in the future. This is just the beginning of my Sizuka heee heee..

ahaa.. ive to start cycling now! practicing and enjoying my day time here. oh sun, please comes out and shines our day everyday! have a look at my new upgraded good looking sizuka! heeee

my sizuka!

my sizuka!


biking along the Manawatu riverside

my cycling buddy ; fairuz

my cycling buddy ; fairuz

It was great biking around esplanade and manawatu riverside, such a beautiful and peaceful environment overhere. oh i love New Zealand! glad to be here, Alhamdulillah. Okay see you guys later~



  1. waa…bgs2…
    bykan aktiviti riadah…kesihatan!
    smoga berjaya….!

  2. ckgGmah

    waaahhh it has been awhile since d last time i cycled 4 exercise… i’m too old 4 it…but am willing 2 try…(not sure 4 how long…5,10 or 15 mnts..hv mercy 4 me 😉

    • huserk

      cikgu, manade tua laaa… cikgu men basketball pun terre lagi! hehehe bole jeeee…

  3. aini

    good… bagus btul la hang ni… hihi…

  4. Iz

    tu lah.. aku nk panjat tangga monorail punnn malas gilaaa!!

  5. makcu

    fuyyoooo tererrr!

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