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cycling with noha


Went cycling with Noha today. Bike along the Manawatu river. Just need some fresh air and natural environment to relax ourselves after struggling with works and study. It was fun and really enjoyed it. The scenery is so beautiful. We even saw a huge wonderful rainbow. yeayy


Cycling for about 11.5km and went back home hungry. hehehe πŸ˜›



  1. zuria

    i oso wanna go cycling with u some day can or not?after 4th perhaps??ngee πŸ˜€

    • huserk

      bole2 insyaAllah πŸ™‚ (noha nak buat usrah kat situ, bes woo..amcem tanyala yusma)

  2. zuria

    kat mana 2?pokok2 tu?boleh2..wat after sume abih exam.hee

    • huserk

      kat area tepi sungai.cantik woooo…dia dekat ngan area golf (hokowhitu area)

  3. hana

    nampak macam kat switzerland [dlm iklan]

    oo, nila yg noha habaq td,
    tp tmn bunga? kat area hokowhitu gak ka?

    • huserk

      a ah sungai area hokowhitu tu, a ah cantik wooo..kami berdating 2org td πŸ˜› aritu pegi gak ngan fairuz area ni jugak, tp masa tu bunga2 xbyak lg

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