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Monthly Archives: November, 2009

happy birthday~

Happy birthday to you my dear friend 🙂 May Allah bless you and your whole family. You are someone special to your mama, papa, angah, amchik, sepul and ME and lots of other people around you. People up there Loves you and Somebody down here in NZ cares for you, Happy Birthdayyyy!!! Thanks for always …

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getting back?

am getting back on the athletic track…just slowly started running back again.. cause the injury on my knee is not 100% recover yet. I have been using the cross-training equipment in the gym before and now have just started running for about 800m to 1.2k only. A punishment for myself at this beginning.. but a …

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Now is summer in Nz. But, in Palmerston north, it has been showering, windy and quite cold for about 2 weeks. Especially in the summerhill area, my new home now. Im adapting myself to a life without heater. Today… it was drizzling in the morning..and I choose to bike instead of taking bus. Enjoyed the …

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new life is coming soon :P

heyya… first of all..THANKS to Lorraine (WM Siew) for the Nicol David postcard! YEAYYYYYY bestnyaaa.. thanks girl.. terima kasih banyak2 yaaa Next week i’m going to move out from Kairanga court and flatting in the Summerhill area.. beautiful place, beautiful house, nice environment! Photos below are the evidence! Hee.. i will be missing Kairanga..and looking …

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watch out~

Hi. Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny. (Frank Outlaw) Im watching over myself, and trying to be better. Do tell me if i’ve done something wrong. Please forgive me if …

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full weekend

Salam, Hello~ Saturday: Cycling to town, pick up the goodies pack for tomorrow’s cycling event, walking around the Square. There was an art exhibition over there, plenty of stalls selling art thingy, ice-cream, flowers, strawberry, shirt and many more. There were also animal exhibition, and kind of funfair games. At night, went swimming with girlfriends. …

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