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full weekend

Salam, Hello~


Cycling to town, pick up the goodies pack for tomorrow’s cycling event, walking around the Square. There was an art exhibition over there, plenty of stalls selling art thingy, ice-cream, flowers, strawberry, shirt and many more. There were also animal exhibition, and kind of funfair games.

At night, went swimming with girlfriends. Little baby Fazana also joined us! she is soo cute n adorable. geram gileerrr



This is the goody bag~


Theย  Lions Tour Manawatu event, yeahh… I just participate in the 20km untimed category. There were also 116km, 80km and 45km categories. Heh, i’m new in biking and just cycling for fun, to enjoy and experience the event here in NZ. And yeahh.. I did enjoyed the ride. Anyway it was quite exhausted since there is about 6-7 km hilly path routes, but worth for beautiful scenery.

bike 1bike2mecyclingP1070445P1070446makbaby

Too see the route, click HERE

Hmm..thinking for the next running /walking/cycling event in Palmy~

p/s: wish can cycling with ‘Karim’ over here… hurmmm


  1. sbo

    best nyeeee…i wish i could join you..u seemed like having fun out there! i trully envy’s your knee? getting better? hope i can get a bike ASAP then we can plan many xtvts..but for next year lah, insyaAllah ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • huserk

      hee tu laa.. when r u goin to buy a bike? hee it’s ok. we have plenty of time, can join any other event in the future, insyaAllah. knee, is ok to bike, but not to run..huwaaa

  2. karim


    interesting!! ๐Ÿ™‚



  3. giat…!
    haha…my bro always say that long time ago…!kekeke

    • huserk

      chaii..saapa bro hang weh? haha

  4. hahaha…ada la sorg bro tu….
    pon sempoi gak…cuma x comel ja…kekekeke

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