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new life is coming soon :P


first of all..THANKS to Lorraine (WM Siew) for the Nicol David postcard! YEAYYYYYY bestnyaaa.. thanks girl.. terima kasih banyak2 yaaa


Next week i’m going to move out from Kairanga court and flatting in the Summerhill area.. beautiful place, beautiful house, nice environment! Photos below are the evidence! Hee.. i will be missing Kairanga..and looking forward to living into this new house. Heee..

In front of the house:


In the house…


And… this is the spectacular view up from the summerhill! just in front of my house. One of my attraction to live up here! hehe


Beautiful right? hehe… okay,Β  See ya later~



  1. No problemo πŸ™‚
    Your new place looks gorgeous by the way, amazing view!

  2. hi..waah..cantik banglo..hehe..
    pandang pon luas..mesti sronok nak running..hehe..
    so yr injury dah okey?

  3. waa sis…
    rumah baru….mcm best ja…
    tgk tajuk mcm ada yg lebih menarik…
    igt da nak kawin ka apa…kekeke….

  4. ayu

    aik? bile k.husna kluar?

    • huserk

      pagi-pagi masa ida n mimi baru sampai. ayu dok kat bilik.

  5. aini

    nice… is it far from ur uni?? i also thot u r getting married… since evryone pon dah melngkah ke alam baru… hihi

    • huserk

      quite near to my univ. driving up there is okay but cycling is tiring since it is quite hilly up there. heee takpa bole eksesais~!

      get married? hee tak terfikir pulak org akan fikir cemtu.hehee

  6. karimkayu


    πŸ™‚ tok sabo~ πŸ™‚ hehehe



  7. Lorrainne, nak postcard jugak! hehehe

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