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getting back?

am getting back on the athletic track…just slowly started running back again.. cause the injury on my knee is not 100% recover yet.

I have been using the cross-training equipment in the gym before and now have just started running for about 800m to 1.2k only. A punishment for myself at this beginning.. but a reward for me at the end. I’ve gained weight since i’d stop running and that’s why i have to act now!

chaosss~ 😀



  1. zarina

    salam! ^_^

    slmt hr ry hj! =) lutut hg knp husna. la ni lagu mana. u r a fighter i know u can pull it thru! huggss

    • huserk

      selamat hari raya haji zarina 🙂
      lutut injured sbb xtahan dah kot, heheee..
      skarg baru stat lari balik ha

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