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happy birthday~

Happy birthday to you my dear friend 🙂

May Allah bless you and your whole family. You are someone special to your mama, papa, angah, amchik, sepul and ME and lots of other people around you.

People up there Loves you and Somebody down here in NZ cares for you, Happy Birthdayyyy!!! Thanks for always being there for me.

My dua’ for all of us:

Allahumm-ahdinii fiman hadait, wa ‘afini fiman ‘aafait, wa tawallani fiman tawwallait, wa barik li fima a’atait, wa qini sharra ma qadaiyta, fainnaka taqdhi wa la yuqdha ‘alaika, innahu la yadhillu man walaiyt, wa la yai’izzu man ‘aadait, tabarakta Rabbana wa ta’aalaita.

(O Allah, guide us with those You have guided aright. Grant us wellness with those that You have granted wellness. Protect us with those You have protected. Bless us in what you have bestowed on us, and guard us against Your evil decree, for You alone decree, and no one can decree against You. One whom You have patronized can never be despised and the one whom You have antagonized can never become honored. Our Lord, You are the most exalted and glorious.).


Happy birthday! cheer up your day and keep smiling~
Love and prayers for you always!
p/s: Happy Birthday Aza and Selamat Pengantin Baru my dear Aza. semoga berbahagia bersama suami dan rumahtangga diberkati Allah


  1. ijannina

    along ke yg main basket tu? yg mana satuuuuu…..heppy besday along!!! tak lama lagik huserk blk yeayy:)

    • huserk

      along la yg main…makcu xkenal ka yg jersey no brapa? hehe.. try tanya along 😛

  2. Iz

    bila hang balik wei?

  3. tak ingat aahhh gambar muda2 nie… 7 ka?

  4. Fitri Shukri

    Happy Birthday ALONG…

  5. -nurzarinabaikgak-


    jadi anniversary kami sama ngan beshday dia……

    so celebrate beshday ingat la kat kami….


  6. huserk

    hehehe mmg ingat aza pun walau bukan bday dia. walau kita kenal dlm masa yg singkat tp hati rasa rapat sgt dgn hampa 🙂

    makcu, along no 7 heheee

  7. -nurzarinabaikgak-

    yup me feel da same way too….maybe thats the bless of sincerity..

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